Saturday, September 26, 2009


Well, I'm at uni! It's a bit weird but I don't think the weirdness has quite hit me yet. I only introduced myself to one person, who I met in the kitchen, but I didn't see her at the Halls talk thing that I just came back from so I haven't really made any friends. I've said hi to some people in my house but don't know their names yet. There's some transport to various things that are going on tonight at the student union but I'd rather not go on my own, I'll probably spend this evening unpacking. Tomorrow I think I'll feel slightly more comfortable and I'll be meeting some people at church and stuff. I think I'll pick a few places that I want to find in town tomorrow so I can start getting used to the area.

I am currently watching Strictly Come Dancing, having the noise in the background makes me more comfortable and settled :). Lol, I'm so amused by Alesha's cackle. And Craig's 'Darling's, they're great.

I've already done some quick removal of insects and spider webs and so on from my window, the light above my bed appears to not work, but I do have a desk lamp with me so I'll use that for the time being. I'm going to go do some unpacking and rerranging of things now. I like organising things :).

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Jingle Bella said...

Yay, organising things ... my room is about half-organised now. Which isn't too bad. Love you, chat to you soon,