Friday, September 25, 2009

Hello again, my dear friend

Well, I'm going to uni tomorrow, rather nervous etc. I'm sure it'll be fine after the first couple of weeks... Haven't booked any of the freshers events because most of them are clubbing which I'm not particularly into unless I'm in a big group of friends I know well. Other things I haven't booked because I don't really want to go on my own, but I probs will go to some anyway. There's a couple of films I want to see at the union cinema and I want to go to some pub quizzes... Good stuff. But yes, this is my last day to do everything I need to do before I go. I'm practically bringing my whole house to university, I have no idea how I'm actually going to fit this stuff in my room, lol.

I'm trying to finish reading 'The Castle' by Franz Kafka which was on the art reading list thing. I'm up to chapter 15 and it feels like slow death. There are 25 chapters. It's not that it's not interesting, it kind of is, it's just written in a style that is a bit difficult to read. I don't really know the main character at all, he's simply known as 'K.' and at the beginning he tells the people of this town he enters (near the Castle) that he is the land surveyor, though it seems to be implied that he is lying, but then everything else is based on this kind of being the truth and nothing seems to have a backstory at all. He meets a woman called Frieda who, within the first few hours of meeting her, he has sex with on the floor of the bar she works in, and who then leaves her job and position as mistress of a man called Mr Klamm for him. It's all quite confusing, and the characters either don't seem to have any depth, or they seem to have a lot of depth that is not explained in any way and is consequently very frustrating. I'm not expecting any sort of conclusion at the end of this book, and certainly not a happy ending (Kafka never actually finished this book before he died - it was edited and published by a friend, and he was very depressed and wanted the world to embrace the darkness and suffering in their lives, or something of the sort) which provides me with little motivation to finish it apart from the fact that I'm halfway through and I'm not a quitter. Ah well, hopefully it'll become a little more enlightening further on...

But anyway, there are a couple of other books I've got from the library (art history) but probs won't get through much of them before I return them later today.

Oh yes, I went shopping with mum in town yesterday which was fun, we hadn't explored that much so it was nice to go around a bit. I now have a new dress and top and belt, a novelty ladybug laundry bag thing, and a Shell CD. I have to say, I now love Evans, it's a great shop and actually does really nice clothing, though it can be a bit expensive. Ooh yes, and we went to a music shop, it was heaven, but really depressing when we had to leave and I hadn't bought anything because I'm going to uni and have no money, lol. But I now want both the piano score book and soundtrack book from Twilight, the Chronicles of Narnia piano books, the Phantom of the Opera book (with the newer film pictures) and some classical stuff (though I get more enthusiastic about the films etc. stuff really). Having actually seen the music in the score book from Twilight, I think I'm more likley to get the soundtrack book first as the score seems very nice but also very simple. I've been playing some other stuff from the Phantom of the Opera piano book I got from the library and I really love a lot of the pieces - hence why I want to buy my own copy. I've become addicted to 'The Phantom of the Opera' and 'Music of the Night', though I also played 'Prima Donna' which is rather fun.

Right, better go now, am starving and have much to sort before tonight... Adios amigos :)

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