Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happyish :)

Feeling much better now, have been e-mailed back and told the qualification stuff I've just sent is fine, don't worry too much about finding the other stuff. So nice and calm now. Still need to find them eventually as knowing where your certificates are is usually useful, lol. Also I've found the piece of paper saying where/when my Life in the UK test is, so that's useful. Have finally unpacked the last few things left over from Soul Survivor, lol. Added a couple of songs to my blog player - I've particularly been addicted to 'Gone' by tobyMac (now the first song on the player - and yes, it is supposed to sound like that at the beginning). 'Beautiful' still reminds me of Soul Survivor every time I hear it... :)

Really need to sort out the rest of my stuff for uni now. Haven't had my student loan letter thing come through yet, so still waiting on that, should be soon. Trying not to worry.
Anyway, must go, many productive things to do...

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