Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Stressing out at the moment. I can't find my proof of qualification for my GCSEs, and I really don't know where to look! They weren't in the folder that I expected them to be in, and I've had an e-mail from uni asking me to e-mail them. Ech! I've sent the stuff from my A-levels but I'm still missing all of the rest... I think I may have put them all in a folder together when I went for my interview, eons ago, but I don't know where that folder ended up being put, especially considering we've moved house since I last saw them! I've spent quite a while searching for them tonight but I've been up since 6.30am and am getting rather knackered now it's almost midnight. Plus, I'm being really grumpy with my parents. I think that for the sake of my relationships with them, and my sanity, it would be good to postpone the searching until tomorrow. As if I wasn't stressing about uni enough! Oh dear. Breathe.
Now I've got to go do a spot of revision for my Life in the UK test, because I'm a bit behind. Plus I need to find out where it is and what time my appointment was for. I wrote it all down somewhere and then lost said somewhere. I hate feeling disorganised.

Also, just finished reading 'My Sister's Keeper' by Jodi Picoult. Well, this was before I found out about the qualifications thing and got stressed out. But it was rather good, very depressing. Bought it in a library book sale (I can never resist) for 45p earlier today, started reading it around noon I think...

I saw my friend Michelle today which was cool, catching up a bit, and she gave me a really cute purse and some earrings :) (They were a going away present for when I moved - but she didn't manage to see me in time). I also bought the latest Matt Redman CD. Have yet to listen to it. Ooh! And I got a letter back from my friend Heather :). I shall probs write back to her tomorrow. I love getting letters :). But yes. Revision. Sleep. Then wake up and get stressed again. Oh the anticipation.

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