Thursday, October 01, 2009

Wow, info rush

I feel like such a long time has passed since I last blogged, simply because so much has been happening!
I've met some really lovely people, on my course, from the CU and in my house. I'm liking getting to know all of these different people, it's quite funny how a lot of them remind me of other people. My friend Sophie really reminds me of my friend Rai from college, her voice and mannerisms and stuff, she even looks a bit like her. Also, Lis reminds me of my best friend from primary school - Rebekah, she looks like her a bit and seems to sound like her, though I know it must be like an English version of her voice or something... I don't really remember Rebekah's accent that much...

But yes, I've made lots of good friends - my house is all girls, and they all seem really nice, about half of them are international students (I think someone said they're from Hong Kong), I haven't really talked to them much yet as I've been out so much, but hopefully will get to know them a bit better soon too.

I've been to a couple of parties, an entertaining Pub Quiz (where the SU president traded a few quiz points for cigarettes...) and have been out exploring the town most days first by myself and then with Sophie and Georgia. Today I went on the CU grub crawl which was great fun - one house for dinner, then another for dessert, then on to a pub for drinks - the houses were actually really nice, I'm hoping I'll get to live in a house as nice as those ones next year. Apparently we have to start house-hunting for next year soon if we want anywhere decent... that's a bit worrying, it means we have to figure out who we want to live with next year pretty quickly!

Tomorrow is the Fresher's Fayre, so that should be quite good, I'm looking forward to seeing all the societies and stuff. I'd better go to bed soon since I have a fairly early morning.

But yes, so far, uni life is pretty good :).

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Jingle Bella said...

Yay for good things!

(Too tired to comment properly. But I wish you well!)