Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Leaving Do

Last night was good fun, thanks to everyone who came! Went out to Pizza Hut with a bunch of friends and had a great time. Lots of interesting conversations and stuff. I was informed that I'm not allowed to move, quite a few times. I also received several kidnapping threats but I did say that I shall stay alert in case any of them tries to come near me with rope and chloroform, lol. After dinner some of us went out for drinks. I got to try a few types of cocktail as Beki ended up buying two pitchers and Dan bought a couple too or which I tried some. None of them would particularly be my drink of choice but they were interesting to try. One drinking game did occur but to be honest, my friends don't particularly need incentive to drink, lol. Though we didn't actually drink that much, we still all walked home in a non-drunken state after. We departed at various points when people got near their homes, in the end it was just me and Dan, and when we got to the end of the road we ended up talking for ages, and I think I ended up hugging him goodbye about 5 times, lol. Have made promises to see him tomorrow, so that should be fun :).

Got home about half 12 last night so not too bad really, drank lots of water and went to bed. Had quite a hard time going to sleep as I had to have two injections yesterday afternoon (before the whole leaving thing) and I'm one of those people who sleeps on their side so it was really hard to find a way to lie kind of on my side without it hurting... But I did manage to sleep for about 10 hours or so, lots of sleep is good for you. Well, to a certain extent anyway.

While out yesterday Beki was trying to convince me to go clubbing with the girls tonight, but I think I'll probably pass as it's not hugely my sort of thing, and I really should help mum sort out the house as we've only got a few days left...

Better go now, mum has been 'encouraging' me to do some cleaning and stuff. Plus I need to go get some breakfast...

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