Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hazel is sad

Moving day has come. I won't have internet after we move for a while so that makes me particularly sad. Also, it is a bit annoying as I have stuff for my student finance and for accommodation that I really need the internet for. Plus, I've just discovered that dad wants me to go with him now to the new house and not come back, I was expecting to be here later today to do other stuff. How annoying.
Oh well, better go, won't be blogging for a while. Hopefully we'll get the internet quickly...

Oh yes, and thanks to the people at core group who are lovely. Had a great time on Thurs night playing kids games (though they got quite competitive, lol) and eating cake. They even played the little bit from the Sound of Music where they all say goodbye in song. I'm going to miss that lot. Oh well, I shall see them again in about a months time for Soul Survivor, woot woot! :)
And thanks to Dan and Kat for attempting (and failing quite entertainingly) to draw me a map to the train station near Dans house since I was there for most of Thursday. Do love you two very much, was good fun. x

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