Thursday, July 23, 2009

Busy Bee

Well, having now moved house, the main event of this month is over. I've been spending quite a lot of my time reading books in bed and sleeping for very long periods of time (starting very late at night, or very early in the morning as the case may be). Trying to get out and about a bit more. I'm currently at our local library, seeing as we do not yet have the internet at home, we will do in a few days. I've had a letter from my (soon-to-be) university and it has really hit me how close it is until I start! Have been trying to find the books on the recommended reading list for my course, it looks like I might be able to get hold of about 5 of them before I go. Unless, I want to go out and buy them which I'm not sure about yet. Also, I need to sort out when I'm going to go to some exhibitions as there are quite a few recommended ones on the list as well as the books and magazines/periodicals. Lots to do.

We've visited a couple of churches so far, one was very good but it felt a little like a show rather than a church service, was very energetic and I liked it very much but some of it felt a little fake. The second one we visited was very small, C of E, and very structured with lots of liturgy. My family knows how I feel about liturgy, lol. Not such a fan. But the people there were very lovely, mainly of the older generation, but very genuine seeming people. So haven't found a church we particularly want to stay at yet, but hopefully we will do soon. It's starting to make me worry a bit about doing the same thing again, but on my own, when I go to uni. Knowing me I'd probably just stay at the first one I visit! But I think I'll try and visit a few before I make my mind up.

Anywho, away from all the important sorts of stuff. In other news, I've been playing the piano lots which has made me very happy, I'm about to get out a couple of new piano score books which should entertain me for a little while. Also have been reading quite a lot, re-read bits of all four Twilight books and of 'The Host' - can't remember if I commented on this book after reading it the first time. It is an excellent book by Stephenie Meyer, I'm glad that I read it - my cousin Rachel told me it was good and encouraged me to read it so I've now read it and also bought myself a copy of it. Alongside that I've finished 'Someone Special' by Sheila O'Flanagan a couple of days ago, Carol recommended her as a great Chick Lit author so I thought I'd read it. I tend to read things more focused on a romantic relationship but it was rather interesting to read more of a family drama sort of thing. I've read a few things like that but I always drift back to the other stuff eventually. I'm planning to read more books by her and also by Cathy Kelly once I can get hold of a few - most of them from my local library are currently on loan.
I've also been reading some Usbourne Puzzle Adventures, lol, they may be childish but I love them :P.

At the moment I've also got out a 'Rough guide to books for Teenagers' which has over 200 short book reviews divided into different genres. I think I'm going to have a flick though this at some point and make a list of the books that look particularly interesting.
I still want read 'Bloodhound' by Tamora Pierce - I bought it recently but it's been a long time since I read 'Terrier' (book preceding 'Bloodhound') so I want to re-read that first.
I want to read some more books by Adele Geras, I read her historical novels 'Troy' and 'Ithaka', which I loved, and I want to see what else she's written. Also, Gemmel told me a while back that I should read some of Tom Holt's historical novels, and they have some at this library so I might get some out today, or if not, then sometime soon...
Anyway, I'm sure I will never be short of new books to read. I'd better go now, lots of other things to do and I'm running out of internet time!

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