Friday, July 24, 2009

DIY mistake...

Well, I'm very proud of myself because I have just assembled an IKEA bookcase that was bought for me today. I am less proud at my not noticing that two of the shelves were the wrong way around before putting it all together. So everything is put together and nailed and screwed in nicely but the front edge of the top and bottom shelves are the chipboard stuff that should have been at the back rather than the white shiny stuff that they should be. And because I've nailed everything in I can't just disassemble and turn around because there will be six nail holes in the front of each shelf, *sigh*. Well, at least mum's managed to find some strips of white covering that can be stuck along the front of them. Should turn out okay.
Dad just told me that it's a sort of rite of passage in DIY to learn from your mistakes, lol.

I've got one more bookcase to put together but I think I'll leave it until tomorrow to do as it's rather exhausting to do. I haven't yet put in the shelves, I'll probably buy a couple more shelves as all of my books are quite short so I'll probably make me shelves a bit shorter too.

I still haven't got a bed... that'll be something to figure out tomorrow perhaps. Oh, I need to go bug mum and dad to do the supporting forms for my student finance stuff! And I need to find the address that I need to send my passport to so that I can get that done asap. Apparently the deadline has been and gone, and I was never informed until dad mentioned it because it was at the bottom of the forms he printed out - he assumed I knew and was purposely postponing it until we moved. Why I would postpone anything beyond it's deadline I don't know but there you go. Better rush off and remind them and stuff.

Hmm, sleepy.


Jingle Bella said...

Yay bookshelves! Lol @ the shelves the wrong way round though ... oopsie. Hope the white covering stuff is good.

Don't worry *too* much about Student Finance (as in don't make yourself ill with stress) but do get on it ASAP.

Hazelnut said...

Lol, the white stuff is ok, it'll do. Mum and dad's student finance support forms are in progress (mum's just needs to type out a quick letter about drop in earnings this coming year, dad hasn't started it at all yet). So it'll all be done fairly soon I hope... X