Saturday, July 25, 2009

A good day's work :)

Feeling rather pleased with myself today. I have got the white strips glued on to the bookcase (by way of persuading dad to do it for me :P). I have also constructed my second bookcase (this I did do by myself :D). Then dad and I went out and bought me a bed and a couple of extra shelves for one of my bookcases (and some other useful bits and bobs). I also got a backpack which should fit my laptop in it, haven't checked yet but either way it's a rather good backpack from IKEA, it's two backpacks in one - you can unzip the bit along the middle and have it as two separate ones. Good stuff. So, I've now also constructed the bed (with some help from dad), so for the first time since we've moved I get to sleep on a bed rather than the floor! Woot woot :).

My next jobs for today are to tidy my room (full of my junk along with a whole lot of bits of cardboard and plastic, and a vacuum cleaner which I plan to use before putting it downstairs), to attach my glass door to the smaller bookcase (which I'm putting DVDs in) and bring up my many boxes of books to put into my bookcase. I also found my febreze (limited edition - spring) today so that made me happy - pretty smell :).
I also need to attach my full length mirror to the wall and I need to firmly attach my bookcases to the wall with brackets, but those'll probably be jobs for another day.

I do need to make some to do lists as I've got loads of things to do and not that much time, I'll be off to my two camps fairly soon and then I'll be busy until the end of August so I'll then have only a month before uni! Everything is happening rather quickly really...

Oh, mum found £50 worth of theatre vouchers that she got as a gift ages ago and they run out at the beginning of Sept, so mum, dad and me are going to go and see 'Joseph' next week. Should be good fun :).

In other news, I've recently been a bit obsessed with the some 'More than Words' by Extreme (hence why I have added it to my blog music player at number 2). I borrowed a book from our new local library that is piano pieces from the '90s. It's made me feel all nostalgic :P. It also reminded me about all of those 'You know you're a '90s kid if...' things, and I finally got around to finding out the deep meaning of 'Wax on, wax off'. I still haven't watched the entire 'Karate Kid' film, but I will at some point. There were a few things that I was a little too young to experience, growing up in the 90s, like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, 'Wax on, wax off', and Goosebumps (but for this one it also had to do with not being interested, or probably allowed, to read them).

Right, I'd better go now and do those bits and bobs so I can feel that little bit more like I've worked hard today. Bye!

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