Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Uni Interview

Yay! I have now had all of my uni interviews :D. I think that the one today went quite well. I was most nervous about this one because I'd met the guy who was interviewing me before, and I knew it was going to be slightly more challenging than my other interviews. Normally, I can think about what to say beforehand and so I can voice my opinions and knowledge quite well, I'm not that much of a quick thinker to be honest so it's very useful to be able to do this. With this tutor it's a bit more difficult because he asks me more specific things about my projects and views etc. which I didn't have covered in my 'general questions' pre-thought-out answers. But I think it was all ok, I was just honest and hoped that that was good enough, he was relatively encouraging, which is always good.

Afterwards I had a little wander down one of the corridors, looking at the first year work on the walls, and then I went to meet Rach (who'd given me a lift there) in the library. As she was still doing some work I wandered around and had a good look at the illustration section which was quite useful. She got out one of the fashion illustration books for me which I think will be useful in my current project. I'll have to give it back to her fairly soon though I think as I believe it's only a 7 day loan. I was considering staying for a tour which was about an hour and a half after my interview finished, but after some thought I realised that most of the questions I had had already been answered.

I was terribly exhausted when I came home, I'm not quite sure why as I did have a lie in today (my interview was at half one). I also forgot that I had core group tonight until mum reminded me (even though she was actually reminding me about something I'm doing tomorrow night but she thought it was tonight, lol), and I should have left 15 minutes before, so I rushed off and luckily I managed to catch a bus and thus not miss my train. On the way back I had to rush again as core group never really finishes on time, lol. I only just managed to get my train, but I did manage it so that's good, otherwise I would have had to wait for another half an hour.

But yes, I'm going to go now, I've lots of work to do, and I am extremely hungry, haven't had dinner yet. Just got home and had a shower, mum's out at a church meeting or something. Not sure when she'll be back...
Anyway, Tarrah!

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