Sunday, March 08, 2009

Computer :(

My plan yesterday was to come home from the Life Course Away Day (which was fairly amazing really :D) and play the Sims 2 on the computer for a while and then go to sleep, lol. I knew I would have to do work today so I thought I'd just play games yesterday. But my computer had different plans, it suddenly crashed while I was in the middle of a game and I had to get my dad to help me sort things out, apparently it had overheated or something and it took aaages to sort it out. Dad copied the main part of my harddrive to his spare disk to make sure I didn't lose everything if it did completely die - that took about 2 hours or so -, then I had to vacuum the computer to get rid of the dust which could be clogging up the fans etc., then we managed to plug everything back in and turn it back on, and dad said I should leave it for 20 minutes to make sure it wasn't going to overheat again. So I did that, I finally went back to it and it worked! But after a while I realised that the sound wasn't working. I told dad this and he said that he thought it was because the wire was pulled and had broken, so if I swapped the speakers it would work. So I went to all the hassle of stealing the speakers from mum's computer next door (with permission from dad of course) - this was very difficult because of the way all the wires were put around the computer desk etc. - and plugging them in. It still didn't work. So then I got very frustrated, put the other speakers back in the other room (but didn't plug them all back in, which mum will probably be yelling at me for when she next wants to use it) and tried plugging in the speakers to different places on the computer. Didn't work.

Today I also tried with my little headphones. Nothing has worked so far. I am still very annoyed.
I didn't realise how important sound is to my use of the computer - the main things I do on the computer are: listen to music, watch dvds/put dvds on in the background, and go on youtube. All of these require sound. I also found that I get quite frustrated playing the Sims 2 without sounds, despite the fact that they're not completely necessary - I gave up playing last night after about 10 minutes because it was annoying me.

So I'm just hoping that I'll be able to sort it out soon. Otherwise mum is going to be yelling at me a lot for leaving all my art stuff everywhere because I'll be using the computer in the dining room to listen to music while I do my work. Plus, the downstairs computer doesn't have the DVD software, so if I want to watch them on that I'll have to install it. How annoying.

I might just see if Dad will take me shopping for a laptop, he was bugging me before to try and figure out what I want in a laptop as I'm going to get one for uni. I don't really understand all the stuff he was saying so I told him that if he wanted me to figure this out he'd have to take me shopping and show me the different things he meant on the computer, he agreed but we haven't gone yet. I also want to buy a new camera out of my savings because my current one has gone a bit haywire.

Anyway, enough technical stuff. I'm just going to go do something other than complain for a while. I apologise if you've read this post. I just needed a bit of a rant.
Tired now. Kind of tempted to go back to sleep...

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