Friday, February 20, 2009

Achievement :)

I woke up ridiculously late this 'morning' (1pm). But luckily, I've actually been quite productive - I've done all the English stuff that I needed to do (making decisions, researching for coursework and finishing writing up my 'Personal Narrative - Initial Analysis' notes) and I've also vacuumed my room. Now I've just got to practise piano, do Art stuff (choosing artists to research, actually researching them, printing off images etc., annotation - I have to do at least 4 A3 pages). And then I'll really feel like I've accomplished something. If only I was this motivated most days. I could've done so much this half term.
Lol, looking back at my little blog it doesn't seem like I've actually done much today but in comparison to what I did yesterday (drawing two mindmaps) it does seem like a lot :P.

Also, I need to go to the supermarket tonight and buy the stuff to make malteser traybake for the bake sale. Not sure when I'll make it, could make it tonight or could do it tomorrow night... *shrug*

I've been rather addicted to anything 'Twilight' for the last couple of days. I discovered, which has lots of interesting stuff on it. Wasted quite a bit of time browsing. But the thing I love the most is actually the jukebox (at the bottom of the left hand column on the main page). It has some really awesome songs on it, some from the soundtrack (so I've already heard them and know what I like) and some other random songs - some I've heard of but not ever looked up, and some that I haven't heard of but really like. It also starts off with some Rob Pattinson songs - I think that my view of his voice depends on the quality of recording. After listening to the ones on the jukebox I realised this, because I do actually really like the songs, I think the main thing, for me, is that his voice seems too old for him, and also on a bad recording it does actually sound rather awful, kind of like he might be drunk (sorry). But yeah, so listen to them on the page mentioned above and you'll probably like them...
Good stuff. I've also discovered that I really love 'Claire de Lune' by Debussy, I never even thought of looking it up after I read it mentioned in the book but when I left the jukebox playing and it came to the song I fell in love with it - it was only after this that I looked at what it actually was. It's really beautiful, it's the kind of music you'd expect in a ballet (in fact it may have been used in a ballet, I don't know...). But it's beautiful. I may just listen to it now. Though I should really go and do some more work. *sigh*

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