Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow Day!

Well, I'm sitting at home because the snow has fallen and is still falling, covering everything in a thick layer of white. It's very beautiful actually. I think that this is the most snow we've had since we've been here - today college is actually closed because of it. I don't think school was ever closed because of 'deteriorating weather conditions' (as they put it on the college website). So all is well because not only do I have a whole lot of time to do as much college work as is humanly possible, but I also don't have to walk all the way to the train station (probably to find that the trains aren't running or something, lol). And then all the way back of course.
The snow is proper snow! It's all thick and powdery. It's really amazing. Unfortunately I'm probably not going to go out and play in the snow much. Maybe a little later. But there's no one here to play with :(. I saw some of the guys from college (who live near me) on the road outside my house having snowball fights, lol. Good times.
Anyway, I'd better go get some work done. Or possibly just sit here staring at the snow falling down. *happy sigh*
Hehe, the snow has collected in the middle of our washing line...
Yes. Work. Going now :).

Brrr. I just quickly went out in the snow in our backgarden. I wanted to measure it (lol, I know I'm sad but I was curious!). It's four inches on the ground, and six inches on to of our plastic table. I started making a snowman but my hands froze quite quickly and I'm not sure where my gloves are so I don't know if I'll go out again, lol. But yes. It's lovely.

Byebye :)

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