Thursday, February 05, 2009

Quizzy :)

I nicked this from Carol dear. It looked rather interesting, and I love filling out quizzes. I'm not quite sure why... perhaps it helps me organise my thoughts. I don't always actually post these sorts of things, so I think that may be part of the reason. Anyway, here goes...

Full Name? Hazellie :P
Were you named after anyone? Not that I know of.
Do you wish on shooting stars? Nope, I do wish on lost eyelashes... I don't remember who started me on that, one of my friends, lol.
Which hand/finger is your favorite? Right hand perhaps, simply because I'm right handed and without it I'd be rather screwd (particularly on the whole art front). But you know, I need both to touch type and play the piano so both of them are rather important, lol.
When did you last cry? Um, I think I cried earlier today when I was watching something sad, but I can't remember what, lol.
Do you like your handwriting? It's getting better... I do wish I had lovely swirly writing though, I envy people who can do that... Edward Cullen style, you know :P
Who do you admire? My family, my teachers (not all of them but most...) and talented writers (where would I be without them!). I'm sure there's more but I can't think of them at the moment...
What is the # 1 priority in your life? God :).
Your favorite Lunch Meat? I used to love the stuff in NZ which I think was actually just called 'Luncheon meat', I think it was chicken roll with bits of peas and carrot and stuff in it. It was rather lovely. But aside from that, probs just chicken.
Any bad Habits? Lots, I'm sure. I'm often really crabby to my parents because I'm annoyed about other stuff. And I can be extremely stubborn when I want to be - even if I realise I'm wrong. I react rather idiotically to my parents sometimes - the more they bug me to do something, the less likely I am to do it, even if I wanted to in the first place and would have done if they had just left me to it. 'Typical' teen I suppose. *shrug*
What store would you never be caught in? *shrugs* Can't think of anywhere at the moment. Perhaps it would depend who 'caught' me?
If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Of course! I'm amazing :P. Just joking. But I would probably be at least indifferent with me - rather than enemies or something.
Are you a daredevil? Not particularly.
Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell and you did? I don't think I've ever sworn not to tell a secret so that would be a no. Though of course, I haven't ever told a secret that wasn't mine to tell. Actually, I've just realised that my last sentence sounds like I'm trying to defend the fact that I did tell a secret of someone elses, lol. I'll be a bit more straight forward - No, I have not.
What would you do if you came to school/work one day and everyone was naked? This is a rather strange question. Um, I'd go home?
Do looks matter? Yes, in the sense that they often are the basis for first impressions. But once you get past the first meeting, I guess it depends on the context.
When was the last time you wanted to punch someone? *shrug* I vaguely recall wanting to punch someone yesterday or the day before but I can't remember who or why... I generally want to punch people when they're too arrogant, stupid, or inconsiderate of other people's feelings (not mine, I mean - though that too I suppose).
Are you trendy? Not really. I try not to dress terribly, and I think I succeed in that but I never really follow the trends. Though I do quite like reading about them, just for the fun of it.
What do you do to prevent anger? I reason. I rationalise. I just generally work the situation over in my head until I realise why the anger is daft. Or I read a book.
Who is your Idol? I'm not sure I really have an idol. There are lots of people I think of as role models in a way (see 'Who do you admire?' section) but I don't really idolise anyone.
Who is your second family? 'Us lot' - Dan, Kat, Clarky, Gemmel and Tash; and Carol's family - Sparkle and Auntie Sarah.
Do you trust others easily? Depends how you define trust. But I suppose I do trust quite easily, however I also am reasonably good at picking up on who is less trustworthy - and I'm generally more wary about them.
What class during high school do you think was a waste of time? Hmmm... I'm not sure any classes are really a waste of time. Tutorial is some of the time - though it is rather important in some cases. At the moment I kind of feel like Art is a waste of time (I'm often tempted to skip it - but I don't, because I'm a good girl really), but that is mainly because it's so much harder to work in class compared to working at home rather than because of the subject itself. Seeing as I'm going to do Art at Uni I'd better not think it's a waste of time, lol.
Do you like Sappy Songs? Yes, yes I do.
Are you sarcastic? Yes. It's fun *evil grin*.
Have you ever been on radio or television? Nope, newspaper once but not radio or TV. I don't think I'd want to be on TV, I'd be ridiculously self-conscious. Radio might be a bit better.
Have you ever been in a mosh pit? Nope.
Do you feel understood most of the time? Not really. Carol understands me :). And there are other people who understand certain 'parts' of me. So I get along.
Would you rather have a sore throat or an upset stomach? Sore throat, I can normally still sleep with a sore throat but upset stomach is more difficult.
What is your nickname/s? I don't really have many nicknames now. I had a few more at secondary school (MOD pod - Munchkin Of Doom -, Radioactive Hazelnut, etc.). Amy told me she was considering calling me Nutmeg at one point. I kind of like that. I think she's come up with other nicknames for me too but I don't really remember them, lol. Oh yes, and Dan calls me things like Haze, Hazel appraisal, and at one point, Hazel pretzel. That was odd. Actually, a few different people call me Haze...
Could you be a vegetarian? Technically, yes. I don't think I ever will be really, I have gone off certain types of meat which I used to like. To be honest, I used to eat pretty much everything, except for certain veges mum liked.
Would you ever Bungee Jump? Perhaps. But only if I was forced. I would love to be able to say I'd done it but I think I'd just be too petrified to actually do it.
Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off? Not unless it is physically necessary.
What are you worried about right now? College, piano, citizenship, exams, interviews, uni, driving, health, lack of sleep and lack of motivation.
Do you wear overalls? Not now. When I was little I did. Very cute outfit.
Do you think you’re strong? Yes, quite strong...
What's your least favorite Popsicle flavor? Um. Not sure. Haven't really had popsicles in aaaages.
Birthday? What about it? I had a kids party for my 18th! Good stuff.
Eye color? Brown. But I would totally love those strangely coloured contacts. I'd like purple ones :).
Last person who called for you? Carol dear.
Favorite Vehicle? Plane. I love flying :). Or maybe train, I like that they are reliable (and at least if they're going to be late, you know beforehand).
Do you have a cell phone? Yep.
What kind of Car do you drive? I don't drive yet. Hopefully will sort out driving stuff soon...
What's the last movie you saw? On DVD - Shakespeare in love; At the cinema - Bride Wars, with Kat.
Last thing you got in the mail? *shrug* probably my acceptance letter from one of the unis.
Favorite Hobby? READING. And watching films. But I think reading tops the films. *happy sigh* I love books.
Are you photogenic? No. Really, no. I have learnt how to get better photos but I'm still not particularly photogenic. Though I do smile like a normal person now - I used to smile with my lips tight together when I was younger, I'm not quite sure why, it may have just been habit, but now I smile more naturally which is good. Yay for cheesy grins (though I will never win - Carol is the queen of cheesy grins).
If you were making a movie about yourself, who would play you? *shrug* Someone who has roughly the same ethnicity? I can't say I would associate any well known actors/actresses with myself.
Best Advice(s) Ever Given to You?
Survival tips for times of stress:
Take deep breaths
Count to ten
Eat chocolate

- From the Chocolate Lovers' Club - Carole Matthews
Well, perhaps it isn't the best piece of advice I've ever had. But it certainly got me thinking :P.
Thing you want to be remembered for: Making a positive difference in peoples' lives. Whether that be by providing chocolate, by being a friend or by some other method of influence. And I want people to see that it wasn't me that created that influence - it was God who influenced me to influence other people.
Things you look for in the opposite sex: Intelligent, Christian, Friendly (i.e. not 'playing hard to get' or being aloof), Good sense of humour, Non-smoker.
Your Personality type: Bit of a dreamer. Intelligent. Bit of a people pleaser. Or at least, a keeper of the peace. Less of a push-over nowadays.
Food you hate: Rocket. Anything with coriander.
Do you pray? Yes.
Do you talk to your friends? Whenever I can. I don't literally talk to my friends in NZ. I just e-mail, and occasionally write (I still love snail mail, so much more personal, don't you think?).
What was your favourite toy as a child? Hannah, my doll.
What's your favourite ice cream flavour? Oooh. I don't have a definite fave - I love goody good gumdrop and orange choc chip in NZ; And I like mint choc chip, proper vanilla and rum and raisin over here.
CD in your CD player? Well, I don't really use my CD player. Last CD I listened to was probably 'Beautiful Letdown' by Switchfoot. Fantastic CD.
The last thing you said that made people laugh? Um, the only thing I can remember was when Tim made the comment last night that 'There are only, like, three people in New Zealand' and I replied 'So now me and Nicky have come over, there's just one left?'. Tim whacked me on the shoulder, lol. Maybe you had to be there...
What do you think of Ouija boards? Dabbling in things that should not be dabbled in.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Hopefully in a good job that I enjoy and hopefully will have met a nice guy. We'll see. Otherwise, as I have mentioned before at some point, I shall find myself a little house and have lots of cats. And I shall knit lots. I never really got into the whole knitting thing (more due to a lack of time rather than interest), but I might need to if my cats got cold.
What do you do when you are bored? Read, blog, ring Carol, listen to the songs on my blog, watch TV, skim films, surf the web (and usually end up surfing YouTube), nap.
Favourite Songs: Hmm, at the moment, ultimate favourite is 'Supermassive Blackhole' by Muse, but I am also growing attached to 'Halo' by Bethany Joy Lenz (as of today).
Book: I could create a humongous list of authors I like, because if I named books the list would seem endless. But instead, I shall simply say - my ultimate favourite of the moment is 'Breaking Dawn' by Stephanie Meyer.
Place: In front of my computer, or in my bed with a good book.
City / Country: Wellington. Mainly because I think it's really beautiful. But to stay, I would say wherever the people I love are. At the moment that is mostly here-ish but I will be sad when that changes.
Vacation: New Zealand, of course, nothing beats it for me. I do love seeing different parts of Europe, but going to NZ still feels like going home. If nothing else, I really enjoy the flying, lol.
Shop: Hmm, I'm growing attached to Rymans actually. I know, it's a bit odd, but they are good. Aside from that, Hotel Chocolat (mmm...), Waterstone's, New Look and Hobby Craft (I could spend hours there...).
TV show: I've become addicted to comedy now - Live at the Apollo, Mock the Week, Have I got News for You, Whose Line is it Anyway?, QI etc. Also, I love stuff like Poirot and Numbers. And I admit, I do quite like the silly stuff on E4 - Friends, Scrubs, One Tree Hill (sometimes), Gilmore Girls. I don't really follow anything properly, but if I'm flicking channels and it's on, I'll watch it.
Foods: Sushi, pizza, cheese and tomato relish toasties, scones with jam and clotted cream, cake, Strawberries, etc.
Day of the Week: Hmm, maybe Sunday, because I don't always have to get up for church in the morning (as I go to church stuff in the evening), and either way, it's the day I can get up latest. Plus I get to go to the church youth stuff in the evening (atm we're doing 'The Life Course' which is quite interesting - this is at a different church to 'our' church, the one I sometimes go to in the morning).
Flower: Hmm, I don't know. I like most flowers. I love getting flowers, my friend Chelsea gave me some flowers at college for my birthday and they made me feel happy every time I looked at them. My favourite flower is probably the rose. Quite uninventive, I know, but they are very beautiful. I think I'd have to go and have a good look at lots of flowers before I could really choose a favourite...
Quote: "In the beginning, the Universe was created. This made a lot of people very angry and was widely regarded as a bad move." - The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, by Douglas Adams.
Season: Maybe Autumn. It's all pretty, and it rains a bit less than in Spring. I prefer cooler to hotter weather.
Summer Activity: Reading (sitting outside, somewhere nice) and going for walks (as long as it's not too hot).
Winter Activity: Reading (inside, pref. in bed), ice skating
Magazines : I don't really get magazines much... I do buy Puzzler and Logic puzzle books, those are in the magazine section, but not actually magazines... Um. I bought Glamour the other day, but that is a rare occurance. Still, fun on occasion.
Inside Joke: Potatoes :).
Scariest thing that's ever happened while with friends: *shrug* I really can't think of anything...
Best quality in a friend: Being reliable, caring and able to both talk and listen.
Do You Have A Best Friend? Kind of, but not exactly.
Who do You E-mail The Most? Um, dunno. Probably Rebekah at the mo.
Do you Believe In God? Indeed.
Yourself? In some ways.
Your Friends? Some of them. Well, it depends what you mean by 'believe in'.
Aliens? No, but there have been some quite good books about aliens I've liked...
Love? Yes.

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