Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Boopedy Boop :)

I'm in quite a decent mood today. Despite the fact that today was the first time this (college) year that I've had to actually rush to the train station because I was late. I have been late to college but I'm not usually late for the next train... Whoops.
My new resolution is to be on time everyday! I suppose I'm not that bad, I do always do my best to get there on time. But anyway, other reasons I'm feeling relatively good today - I got my Spanish Oral work back and my Art essay - both don't need too many changes, it's all basically stuff I can do tonight. Yay! :) I thought I'd have to do a lot more work than I actually do have to.

Oh yes, Happy Chinese New Year for yesterday! (though I suppose technically the celebrations aren't just on the first day but for quite a few afterwards...)

I really should be doing homework at the moment... I will get on that soon, I'm just in the mood for blogging atm. In English today we were discussing spoken language and how it's different from written language - it was quite interesting to think about what sorts of discourse markers and fillers I use... I think that when I'm blogging I often type 'Yes,' as a random discourse marker. It has no particular reference to anything but is simply a way of moving on to a new topic... And I also use 'Anyway,' quite a lot. In actual speech I probably use 'Seriously,' a bit more. Hmm. Also, I use the fillers 'um', 'sort of', 'I mean' and 'you know' quite a lot. Lol.
Tomorrow we're actually going to have to record ourselves talking and then transcribe it and study it. We have to tell either our most embarrassing experience or our most frightening. I have no idea what I'm going to say. I can't really think of anything particularly embarrassing (I find a lot of things embarrassing for no particular reason so I can't really think of any experience that was especially embarrassing) and I really don't know about any frightening experiences. Might talk about the time I was on a very small plane in NZ (going from north to south island) and I could actually see it shaking, plus we had turbulence while we were up there and we literally were lifted off our seats. The only problem with that story is that I love flying and though it was kind of scary, it was also rather fun, lol. Oh well, I'll think about it.

I've been a bit obsessed with the song 'Paparazzi' by Lady GaGa for a couple of days. It's really catchy. The most annoying thing is that I don't know all the words (and can't be bothered to learn them all) so I just end up humming it all the time... Oh yes, I added it on my music player here, I also added a song by The Pussycat Dolls (I don't hugely like them but I do like this song) and one by Jesse McCartney.

In other news, I've now had another offer from a Uni. I'm not sure what I've actually blogged about in relation to this but yeah. So now I've had three interviews and of these I've had two unconditional offers and one conditional. I've also been rejected :( by one of the unis, luckily it was really just a filler uni, I didn't hugely want to go there (they didn't interview me). So now, I've just got one more interview which is... oh! um, it's next week. I didn't realise that. Well, there you go. Can't wait til it's over. I think I'm probs not going to apply for foundation courses, I was going to (just so I have the choice) but now I've considered, I really don't think I'd want to go through the whole applying process again. I should probably mention this to my parents but yeah... I'll get around to that.

Oh crap, I've just remembered I've got to practise piano tonight as well. I've got a lesson tomorrow and I've hardly done anything. And I'm supposed to be being good because I need to take my exam soon (like next month) or I can't take it at all. Also, on the topic of exams, I've got to sort out my driving theory - I've been reading up in the book but I haven't actually booked a test or anything. I feel a bit like there's too much going on. Yet I'm still making time to blog. Oh how confused my priorities are. Though I suppose you do need time to unwind a bit so this might be my method.

I also need to update my quotes blog, might do that later. I've got various quotes floating around scribbled in margins from college, hastily typed into my phone and written on scraps of paper (generally from art). Must get around to that. First step, update Spanish Oral.

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