Monday, September 08, 2008

College, English, Chilli etc.

I made chilli today! :)
It was very nice. I am going to type up the recipe on here later on as it means if I lose the piece of paper I will still have a copy of it.

Had my first AS English Language lesson today (having swapped from AS English Lit/Lang), it was really good. I'm rather glad that I changed classes as I think it is definitely the class for me - makes me wish I'd taken it in a different year so that I could do the whole A-level. Oh well, such is life. I'm not sure I made the best impression, lol, I was slightly late due to my art teacher keeping us a bit late to look at all of our ink paintings (Oh yes - I met my new art teacher, she seems fairly nice, though it's odd that she kept us late when she seems very concerned with punctuality to her own classes... - perhaps she has the 'my classes are most important' thing that art/drama/music teachers seem to have); then I also asked my teacher to sign an exeat at the end of the lesson so I can get out of English on Wednesday. Yeah.
Anyway, Wednesday is a Royal Academy Art day thing, has been organised by college - basically it's life drawing with a 'professional' teacher. Should be interesting.
I had a bit of trouble trying to use the college website as I think my computer doesn't like it. My English homework was to read the course handbook, unfortunately my computer decided it preferred the handbook in an unreadable format so it was a bit difficult. But I rang Carol up and got her to download it and then e-mail it to me and that seems to have worked fine. It's always nice to solve problems. While I was waiting (in vain) for the course handbook to download I browsed the English Language blog - this was another thing that reminded me that my switch in subject was right for me - the articles it linked to were the sort of thing I like reading anyway, I think I'd be quite happy to sit and browse those sort of articles for quite a while really...
Hopefully I'll actually talk to someone from my English class tomorrow as I have yet to do so... apart from Jason (my teacher, or rather my 'educational facilitator').

I've now collected my new timetable from my tutor so all is well. On Thursdays I start at 8.45 and end at 4.15 and I don't get a break at all, 7 classes in a row (granted, one is choir). I don't think it'll really bother me though, I like being busy. And two of the lessons are Sign Language so that should put me in a good mood for the rest of the day :).

I gave my 'stolen' Maths books back to Chris today, was cool to see him again. He told me to let him know if I want to redo a maths module... I should really do that. I got a D and an E in my last 2 units (though it still evened off to a B overall). Not good. I've been so busy I haven't really given it much thought. I'm a bit behind on my art work, hopefully I'll be able to focus on that more soon. Also I need to e-mail Ingrid and sort out my next piano lessons. And I need to e-mail Trinity Guildhall to find out how long I've got before I can no longer use my exam pieces... Oh crap. My brain might just explode.
Plan. Make lists. Always good, I'm a list-making sort of person really. Should really sort out my driving license application too. Oh dear.

Well, having spent this time blogging I'd better go and actually read the English course handbook now, it should be rather useful. I'll come back and type up that recipe afterwards...

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