Monday, September 08, 2008

English Language

Just finished reading the course handbook. Very useful stuff, I think I'll print off most of it (omitting things like rules on punctuality as I know those without having a paper copy) and put it into my English folder. I think it's always good to have these things nearby.
Also, it brought up the point that you should keep a log of the books you read. I've always meant to do that just for myself - I'd like to know how many I've actually read! Perhaps I'll start now.
It suggested that you review the books you read - I'm not sure I could do that for all the books I read but certainly for some of them.
I'll probably read some of the suggested books as well - books on language (of course), I think I've read some of them partially as I used to browse the English language section in the college library when I had free time (Ok, that sounds a bit sad, but it's true).
I love all the Allan and Barbara Pease books on Women and Men (though these weren't in the language section they are a bit relevant - they talk about why men and women sometimes find it hard to communicate).
Ooh, speaking of books I read a couple of Agatha Christie books in the last couple of days - 'One, Two, Buckle My Shoe' and 'Five Little Pigs' - still to read 'Taken at the Flood'. They're Poirot books if you don't know. Gotta love Poirot.

I've been thinking about how I use language and I have to say that on my blog I'm probably not the best in terms of grammar. Also I tend to use fairly colloquial language - a lot of 'umm.../hmm...', 'Well, ', 'Yes, ' and 'Anyway...'. Hopefully I'm better with punctuation though.

Oh yes, I had a look on the internet for the cartoon that we were shown in class today and it took me a while but I found it!

Rather amusing really. We talked a little bit about why it was amusing and the issues that this cartoon brought up - such as age, social class, accent, stereotypes etc. I'll have to print this off and put it in my folder with my notes underneath... I should also redo my spider diagram from English as it was rather messy... Will do that a little later tonight. Ech, I've got to swap computers now so that I can print off the course handbook stuff (our network isn't working properly at the moment so we've got to print off the computer next to the printer). Also I should go get that recipe for chilli so I can type it up...
Back in a mo!

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