Thursday, September 25, 2008

200 posts!

Wow, I just logged in and saw that I have managed to create 200 posts on my blog since I began!
Well, now it'll be 201 but you know...
I just thought I should inform you of this exciting fact.

Just read from the English blog (college) about how Professor Wells (academic) believes that spelling should be changed to make it simpler - more phonetic. See an article on it here.
It just seems a bit daft to me but I suppose I'm biased in a way, having pretty much learned the language rules and not being interested in learning any more...

In other news, I bought 'Brisingr', the last of the Inheritance trilogy by Christopher Paolini, the other day. I'm up to page 400 and something. Not sure exactly. Still a bit to go. It's not bad. I should really write a quick review when I've finished.
I don't think I can fully appreciate it really, having not read the other 2 books in over a year.
Also, on the same trip to Waterstones, I pre-ordered 'The Tales of Beedle the Bard'. It should be rather good methinks. I'm not hugely excited or anything, and I won't be the first person in queue to pick up my copy but I do think it will be a nice addition to the series.

Watched the last episode (I didn't realise it was only 4 episodes!) of 'Lost in Austen'. I'm glad it was that short because I think that it wouldn't work if it was really long. I actually really liked it. I found that I was continuing to watch the episodes more due to despair at what was happening to the characters than because of an excitement or expectation for the next episode. The final episode was rather lovely though. Loved Elizabeth's new hairdo :P. Felt a bit sorry for Michael - deserted for Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy. He seemed quite nice in this episode (except the punching Darcy bit - but that was only because he was jealous), but I don't know, he did seem a bit daft in the first episode. Also felt sorry for Charlotte Lucas - no husband, no best friend, feeling embarrassed and miserable. Hopefully she found happiness in Africa. Loved that Bingley and Mr Bennet had a duel. Loved the character of Mr Bennet actually, just in general; and the actor cast of course. Thought it was rather an interesting take on the character of Wickham - and I have to say I liked this Wickham rather a lot. Was slightly amused that Caroline was a lesbian.
Slight plot hole (or something) annoyed me - Lady Catherine agreed to annul the marriage between Collins and Jane so long as Amanda removed herself from society - but clearly she didn't if she went back to Darcy. So what happens with Collins and Jane? I shall assume that Darcy and Amanda both removed themselves from society, or something of that sort...
I like the whole Caroline-Wickham thing that is suggested at the end. It is disappointing that Georgiana is not more highly featured but perhaps this Georgiana is one that it is better not to know, considering her history with Wickham.
In addition to watching the final episode, I also watched the 'behind the scenes' thing on ITV3. It was rather interesting really, I always love stuff like that - particularly on wardrobe.

Anyway, it's 12.30pm and I should really get some sleep. Or I should get some more reading done - I'm slowly edging towards the end of Brisingr...
Ech, got college tomorrow, 7 lessons in a row with no lunch. Fabulous...
Got to get up early, better pack my stuff into my bag and then go to bed.
Goodnight all, sweet dreams.

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