Saturday, September 27, 2008

It seems I was wrong...

Brisingr is not in fact the last book of the Inheritance series. I was sure it said trilogy on some of the other books I've seen around (the earlier ones I mean, not Brisingr). Perhaps it was planned to be a trilogy but then was changed when too much information had to go in. Finished Brisingr yesterday - there's around 740 pages I think. Very good book, but left me a bit miffed that I didn't get to 'finish' the storyline. By the time this book had come out I'd practically forgotten about the last 2 books - I'm sure the same thing will happen with the last book (It should definitely be the last one next time - in Brisingr it said 'the story will continue and conclude in book 4', or something of the sort).

Also, today on my lunch break I saw a new Maximum Ride book which I brought home and just finished. Very good. Love those books. Also saw a new series of James Patterson's, 'Daniel X' I think it was called. I didn't borrow it today but will probs borrow it this week sometime.

Ooh, I'm loving Saturday night TV again - missed Doctor Who when it finished (and still do miss it) but now it has a promising (temporary) replacement - Merlin. Just started last weekend, I missed the first episode but watched it on the BBC iplayer. Also, Strictly Come Dancing is back on! Yay :). There's only about 3 of the guys I thought were particularly good - I thought the girls were better on the whole. Will be interested to see which girl goes out tomorrow.

Watched 'the Spiderwick Chronicles' with Carol on Thursday. Good film. Feel proud to have correctly picked out Sarah Bolger as the actress playing Mallory :). I only know her from Stormbreaker and I wasn't sure if it was her because she used a totally different accent. But I do think she's a rather good actress. The film was a bit scary, lol, but in a Doctor Who ('family night programme') scary way rather than an 'I will never be able to sleep again' way. Good fun. Love Thimbletack.

Hmm.. not doing enough college work at all this weekend (as you can see from my above comments). Was rather exhausted today from work hence why I haven't done any college work today.

Went to Michelle's house yesterday (Michelle is someone I know from church) - played an hour of badminton with Anna first and then we went over to see Michelle. Was good fun, ate dinner there and then just chatted for ages :). I like chatting. It's fun.

Anyway, must do lots of work tomorrow afternoon.
Now I'm rather tired so I think I'm going to go to bed.
Oh yes! I bought 'Bacon Sandwiches and Salvation' by Adrian Plass - very good and amusing book.

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