Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mmm, pint of milk and a yorkie

Haven't done much today really, did basically nothing yesterday. Or Monday. It's terrible, there's so much work for me to do over these holidays and I'm just not getting it done..
I did give myself Monday off and spent the day playing Sims 2, eating, sleeping and watching TV. Tuesday I tried to do some maths but failed miserably, didn't even attempt any other subjects - except Art, I cut and painted a mask so I suppose that's something; spent a lot of the day reading my 'Protector of the Small' series again (Tamora Pierce). Good books.
Today, woke up late again, tried to wake up 8.30 but turned my alarm off, rolled over and woke up 10.30 in the end. I can never make myself wake up early unless there's actually something I have to do. Sorted out some photos for art, re-read my cultural bias notes for psychology. Went down to the corner shop, bought a litre of skimmed milk, a pint of whole milk and a yorkie chocolate bar, the latter two of which I am currently consuming (hence the title). And now I'm trying to write an essay on cultural bias in psychological research; tis going alright despite the fact that we covered it in about one double lesson, half of which I was away in choir rehearsals... So I have very little idea of what I'm talking about. Great fun.
Going to see 27 dresses with Chelsea tomorrow! And then we're going to the chinese buffet at lunch which should be good, haven't really chatted in a while so I'm sure we'll have lots to say.
Yes. Well I'd better skedaddle off and do some work. Hmm...

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