Friday, April 11, 2008

The weather

A topic worthy of the British.
Heh, that reminds me of Hitchhiker's guide "Leave this one to me, I'm British, I know how to queue".

Anyway, yes. The weather has been really weird. Last Friday it was extremely sunny, then on the Sunday (and a bit on the Saturday) it was snowing. The last couple of days have been fairly summery (if a little cold) and today it's bucketing down with hail.
All this climate change stuff is making me a very confused non-British person.

Must go now. Going to Carols for the weekend. Got work tomorrow. Ech. Have done hardly any college work, not good. So sleepy.
Going out on Sunday with friends for dinner so that should be fun.
Ugh, awake.

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Jingle Bella said...

Indeed, here for the weekend so I could sneeze on you! It was good to see you though.

See you again soon

xxx C