Thursday, March 06, 2008

Results and UEL

Got my results, biggest disappointments were History and my Psychology coursework. Got 50/90 in History, I think that this is a borderline C/D but not sure which side it's on. This was the one that I really couldn't afford to do badly in so that's not good... I can't exactly resit it because I'd have to basically relearn everything. In my psychology coursework I got a low B, the reason I'm disappointed with this is because my psychology teacher told me I had nothing to change and would get a high A. This makes me very annoyed. I hope she's not in (again) tomorrow, she hasn't been in all week and I think that if she is in tomorrow I will not be polite (not that I always am but I am most of the time...).
Results that I am happy about are my Psychology exam mark of B which I worked quit hard for and am fairly proud of. I was also very pleased with my maths, I got a B in my C4 exam which I really wasn't expecting as it was my last of 3 exams in one day and it was a horrid exam, I swear I also left about half of the paper blank... And I got an A in my C2 retake which I am very very pleased with as it is a great boost from my previous D. This now means that all my modules for AS had As :D.
Felt quite crappy at home seeing as my parents weren't really ecstatic but talked to my lovely sister for a little while which cheered me up significantly. She told me all about different kinds of tea :).

Visited the University of East London; previously not being aware that East London schools are the worst in England apparently. I certainly got to see that first hand.
Absolutely gorgeous architecture, reminded me a bit of New Zealand near Te Papa, had a very nice atmosphere outside; apart from the noise pollution produced by the airport across the river and the smoke pollution produced by the numerous smoking students. There really are thousands of cigarette butts all over the campus and I'm not exaggerating. The organisation was terrible, had to wait half an hour just for a representative of the whole art school to appear (one of the four schools of the campus we were viewing) and then the information provided was of a very poor standard. The sizes of the art student's provided areas were also terribly small and pathetic. The halls of residence were tiny though vaguely interesting. The hygiene of the place didn't seem ideal.
Overall the best I can say of the University is that it had nice hot chocolate and lovely architecture. It is best not to comment on the academic side of their provisions. Though saying this I can only comment on the general organisation of the open day and the art department; the other departments may have been better. I know that the social sciences was far more prepared and had people sitting at stalls ready to talk to prospective students so other areas may have been better.

Well, I really need to go do some work.
Oh yes, and also, I've been listening to lots more Brooke Fraser songs which are rather lovely. Very calming. Good for me as I seem to be having stress-induced immune system problems which I would greatly appreciate to stop. My right eye has regularly been twitching for the last two weeks and I really want it to stop. Have also been severely exhausted often.

Yeah, going to go do something else now. Other than sitting her blogging and listening to Just a Minute/Dead Ringers...
Mmm, sleepy... *yawn*

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Jingle Bella said...

I'm the lovely sister! Hurrah!

Well done again dearie. See you soon.

xx C