Friday, January 25, 2008

Oh great.

Woke up this morning feeling a bit crappy, found it difficult to swallow, went to the mirror and attempted to look down my throat, I believe I have mild tonsilitis. I'm really hoping it will just go away... it hasn't been too terrible today, I decided to go to college anyway 'cause I had lots to do. Only had liquids for the majority of the day, up until about 5 pm I just had milk, water, a pack of soothers (throat sweeties) and some galaxy chocolate (mmm, tasty and stops your throat from hurting - great excuse to eat chocolate :D). Going to have some proper dinner now, I think I'll cope. So just praying that it'll get better. Really hoping it doesn't get bad next week as I've got a humongous art deadline next friday and if I don't get the work done then I'm screwed :(.
Need to do lots of work. Ech.
Had fun painting bricks today :D (as in painting a picture including a bricked wall, not literally painting a brick wall itself). My final piece is coming along slowly, really need to catch up with my critical studies sketchbook though. Maths has been rather fun recently, we've been doing cross product vectors :D. They're a little confusing but once you get the hang of it it's really not hard. I got all my questions right today, except the last one because I forgot how to do dot product for a minute and instead was doing the modulus... whoops. Got millions of sheets to read for history; well, ok, a little exaggerated but probably about 20 (in 2 lessons). I'm not going to remember it, really I'm not. We're learning about Daniel O'Connell, the Whigs, and Catholic emancipation in Ireland for our coursework. At least with coursework you can refer to things constantly unlike exams. And our last exam is back to the Nazis so it shouldn't be too terrible.

Anyway, I'm going now, need food. Will see if any comedy programmes are on... I adore the 'Dave' channel, so many fantastic comedy thingies. Faves have got to be 'Whose line is it anyway?' (though I've now seen most of the ones they show) and 'Have I got news for you'. Fave comedian is Paul Merton I think. He's also brilliant on 'Just a minute' (Radio panel show). That reminds me, I haven't listened to it in quite a while... Other good comedy shows on TV are 'Mock the Week' and 'QI'; not such a bit fan of 'Never mind the Buzzcocks' but it's not terrible.

Anyway, yes, I was leaving. As my art teacher would say, goodbye my little crunchy frogs. :)

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