Friday, December 21, 2007

Been a while...

Done quite a bit of stuff. My birthday went well, can't believe I'm old enough to drive now... How weird. It's kind of cool but kind of intimidating in the fact that I wouldn't trust myself in a car.
But yeah, birthday at TGIs, nice prezzies, lovely company. Saw Kat after a long time.
Finished college yesterday. Learnt about the impossible quiz which is rather cool (just search it on google). Watched Thunderbirds (well, most of) this morning. The movie with real people. Very good. Love Lady Penelope. And Tintin. Awesome. Had the youth xmas dinner tonight. Quite good. Fairly nice food. Pathetic yorkshire puddings, looked really weird and tasted like cardboard. But oh well, can't have everything; was still fun. Got my secret santa present - necklace, and considering it had to be under £5, I can be sure it's not a particularly good one, lol. Not my style really may give it away, nice thought though. Got shower gel stuffs last year. Rather typical 'safe' girly things, which makes sense considering the fact that the presents were coming from clueless teenage males. 'Safe' is good. Some of the other presents were rather interesting. I thought the one I gave was quite interesting - Bite the Bullet game (see on Firebox). Also, Rich got a microscope thingy and Phillip got a liquid powered clock which was rather exciting.
Felt rather bitchy tonight after the dinner. Tired, still wearing high heels, had to traipse around a supermarket, am currently having a shouting match with my mother. There was no boxercise this week so am feeling particularly violent. Mother still going on. Trying to block it out.
Anyway, must escape. Shall go to bed. Merry Christmas.

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