Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Well Carol says...

... that I must update my blog. So I shall. Though if she has nothing better to do than check my blog then she must be getting bored! :P. Well, off to Uni she shall be fairly soon anyway so lots of maths will busy her.
Oh yes - and I have updated the quote blog a little btw.

Well, been to Cornwall, was good. Mark and I were slightly less interested than the adults in seeing all the sights but we managed some pretty good compromises. Went to St Ives (Remembering the rhyme about the man who walked to St Ives, Kathy commented "I know why the man walked to St Ives, 'cause there were no car parks!"). Saw the St Ives Tate gallery - Totally and utterly not worth the money; the majority of the art didn't look like anything I'd class as art and the bits which were actually paintings looked like a year 9 could have done them. Or even younger really, anyone who could draw straight and curvy lines. As for the things that weren't paintings - well, there were things such as a large bright yellow metal rectangular prism stood against a wall. Call that art? Also, as we walked past a tour guide who was walking through the 'exhibition' and explaining things we heard him say 'I like to think of this one as a piece of chewing gum which was chewed up and put on a table', and that's basically what it looked like, just much bigger. He then went on to say "What do you think it could be? Some people say they can see a nose ...". Apparently the 'artist' was trying to challenge what art is. Well, I think they challenged it a little far - bit over the line.
The only good thing about the St Ives Tate was the actual building, which was in fact rather beautiful. And the view of the beach from inside is very cool - there's a curvy window (curved in) so when you look from one side you can see both the view out the window and the reflection from the other side. Pretty cool.
Oh yeah, and there were a couple of ok sculptures.
Later, we went to the Barbara Hepworth garden (She apparently studied at the same art school as Henry Moore - the artist I am currently looking at as art homework). That one was definitely worth it (Though it didn't cost me anything as I'm under 18 - same with the Tate - thank goodness). Basically there's a couple of rooms with things about her life and some of her works of art - mainly sculptures with a few paintings and stuff there too. Then there's an absolutely gorgeous garden with her sculptures placed within it. It's totally gorgeous. Visit it.
The rest of the weekend was pretty good. Though one time I had to wait about 45 minutes for the shower because it seems there was only one for everyone in the B&B which was weird - mum assumed there would be more but there were few places to go to as Cornwall was a bit booked for the hols. Was still pretty good. Smelt like cows unfortunately. But luckily the smell didn't drift inside really.
Read about 4 books over the weekend - would have read more but I didn't have more. I did only bring 3, had to buy the 4th. 'Size 12 is not fat' by Meg Cabot. Good mystery book. Liked it.

On the way there we looked up (when I say 'we' I mean mainly Mark and Kathy, lol) weird names of places. On the way back we visited some of them.
We though that there was a place called 'Lastwick' (Amusing because - last week)but unfortunately it turned out to be 'Eastwick', it was just that a sign covered the E. But there was a 'Great weeke'. Also there was 'Notterbridge' - went there, 'Washaway' - near 'Helland', 'Flushing' - near the sea. On the way back - went to 'Retire' and 'De Lank', had lunch at 'Horrorbridge'. Exciting.

Oh, and went on a drive back to the place we were staying at down a road which was two way but really only just had room for one car on a really foggy night, you couldn't see anything, seriously. There were lots of tiny roads. Mum had to back down one when we met an oncoming car. Ech. Luckily that was during the daytime and it was not foggy.
Favourite song on dad's MP3 - 'lovely day'.

Yeah. Also started college. Started Art. Weird being with the first-years. Also weird not knowing anything - such as what is where. And being nervous about going to see people - because I don't know them (Such as seeing random Art guy to get an art pack. Though apparently they might not have any yet). Have lots of Art homework. We've done quite a bit of drawing where you draw an object (shells, bones, etc.) one way and then turn them upside-down or around or something and draw it again on top. It's weird. Not what I'm used to but kinda cool.
Anyway, it's 10 now. I've got work to do and sleep to have.
Will update more later.

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