Saturday, September 22, 2007

New flash player :)

I changed the music player on this, much more coolies now :P.
In other news, Carol's gone to Uni today! (Well, technically she doesn't start for a week or something but you know) Going to see her tomorrow.
Saw an awesome calender where I work, beautiful sketchy artwork on it. Think I shall buy it, either for me or Carol. Both of our styles really; seeing as they overlap.
I <3 Gold Kiwifruit. Mmm.
And malibu and fanta...
Lol, just realised I didn't put all that stuff on here. Oh well. Yeah, not that much to tell - party at Dan's. Met people. Drank more alcohol than I have in my life - which still wasn't that much, lol.
A couple of malibu and cokes, sip of Terri's vodka and coke, several sips of Dan's WKD (I think he was trying to get my drunk because he thought it would be funny. However I wasn't drunk enough to believe it was 'blue coke'), malibu and fanta (ran out of coke - then discovered that malibu with fanta is even nicer than coke). Only a tiny bit of malibu in the fizzy drink because it means you don't get the yucky alcoholic taste but just the sort of interesting flavour. Mmm. Also had some coke by itself and some water. And two packs of Skips :P.
Was fun. Went to work the next morning surprisingly perky (this was last weekend).

Need new shoes, pref pumps. Something to wear with skirts. Wore some old pump-type shoes today which squished my toes and made my feet almost numb after 7 or so hours. Ouch. - This was the reason I delayed the shoe shopping, I couldn't actually tell if the shoes were comfortable.
Also need to go get a putty rubber.

Had a total nightmare yest - lost my cardboard tube of artwork - lost about 4 pieces + my 2 new paintbrushes. I've now accepted that they're lost and am just hoping they'll turn up this week. The art inside has my name on so hopefully someone will return it. I'm almost definite that I left it in Psychology. Then went on a 2 hour walk with Dan and partway through remembered it. But was too tired to be worried. Was wearing the sore shoes that day too...
Had chips. Never buy 'large' chips from Jack's fish and chips - they are ginormous. Even Dan and I together didn't finish them. And I hadn't had lunch.

So, that's the news. Now shall go. Goodbye.

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Jingle Bella said...

Hey sweetie! I sort of have internet access now! The stuff in my room isn't working yet, but I can get onto computers in the library (though there's high demand for them ... I might start going on them at 7am or something. Who knows. I've sent an email to the IT person about my problems so hopefully will have things in my room working soon.

Catch you later!