Friday, October 26, 2007

Stand up comedy

Been watching some of the stand up comedy stuff that I saw on the Windows Live Today.
One of the things was quite funny but was a bit gross at times.
This was one song I found rather amusing (there were some random comments in there but I didn't put all of them in):

I thought you knew
It's the kinda thing a girl always knows
I thought you knew
I didn't mean to... hurt you, my angel
But it started with a single spark
And it quietly grew in the dark
...there's something you should know
Your hair's on fire
Your hair's on fire
La la la la la la la
*blows into the microphone*

There's something else
You know we've had three good years
But there's something I, I should have told you right from the start
It never seemed to be the right time
When you know it's gonna make you cry, but I haven't always... been a guy
So since February, a few years ago, baby
You've been a lesbian
A lesbian
la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la
That's the noise they make
la la la la la la la la la la la la phibble la la la la la la la hwibblellelble *proceeds to make other odd noises*

... [gross bit]

No, don't leave yet, heh, there's something else
You know you've been a strict vegan since you were ten
"You'll never guess where this verse is going"
I forgot
[bit more on that, plus a rather gross comment]
you are well within your right, to be as sick as you are being
"she was really ill"
because... you are my vomiting, vegan, lesbian
My vomiting, vegan, lesbian
My vomiting, vegan, lesbian
with your hair on fire

heh, happy birthday?, heh...

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