Wednesday, August 22, 2007

News, News, News... um...

Quite a bit has happened so I've made the main points bold so you can see what might or might not be interesting... lol.

Well, Carol's married. Wedding went well :), although at one point I forgot which side I was supposed to stand on and me and Lucie had to swap (we decided to swap places after the rehearsal and therefore didn't practise it before the event...), minor mishap but it was ok. And it wasn't put in the wedding video thankfully :P.
Also was Carol's birthday yesterday :).

Have got my auntie and cousin staying with us again this week :), we're all going to Cornwall at the weekend which should be interesting.

Am currently still obsessed with playing 'A thousand miles' on the piano every time I go past. I now know it off by heart. But I haven't really practised any of the stuff I actually need to do for my lessons and leading on from that, my exam.
Also haven't done any holiday homework... better start asap (probs after the weekend though...) since I really don't have that much time before I start back at college...

Oh, just realised I haven't already blogged it: I got my results back last week. I got Bs in History and Maths and As in Psychology and Computing. Bit shocked about the A in Psychology. Thought I was reading it wrong at first.
I was expecting As in History and Maths, a B in Computing and a C in Psychology so I'm fairly happy with my results :). Am still dropping Computing and taking up Art though. Don't think I could cope with the teachers and guys for another year... the teachers are lovely I just don't really respond to their teaching methods that well, had to do quite a lot of individual looking up of stuff and extra work... Plus if I'm doing Art this year I don't think I could cope with such a huge computing project again, last year it took up the majority of my time, Art's going to be doing that this year...

Still haven't figured out what the problem is with the blogger thingy I was trying to do for Carol - the comments problem.

Went to London yesterday with Mum, Dad and auntie Cathy, was fun :). Lots of walking though. We went around the Tower of London (part way with a tour guide - v. entertaining), saw the crown jewels (which I must say do look a bit plastic... I'm sorry, they really do. The gold is too shiny. I suppose if you held something like that it you'd have a different opinion because you'd feel the weight etc.), saw all the armour and stuff. Saw the ravens. Saw some cool people dressed as peasants. Also went to Buckingham palace. Nice. Seen it from the car before. Hasn't changed much, lol. Went on a few tour buses (well - one route but we got on and off). The first tour host was ok, the second was rather good, the third was chauvinistic and degrading (kept making jokes about his mother-in-law and once refered to an ex-wife disrespectfully; at each stop he'd say 'is anyone getting off here?' or equivalent so he could tell the driver if there was anyone coming down - one mum and child didn't make it known to him that they were leaving until the bus stopped and he said "please put your hand up if you're getting off, I didn't pass a course in mind-reading!" which I thought was a bit rude really). But overall it was pretty good. Took lots of pictures of buildings which don't look that special and also of statues which do look quite special. Unfortunately didn't get any banana cake at the train station (they have the best banana cake slices... I think it was at South Kensington. In one of those little sandwich bar thingies.)

Watched 'The Devil wears Prada' with mum and Cathy yesterday night when we got back. Good film.

Well, I officially have a Saturday job now... which I'm not going to this weekend as I'll be in Cornwall. I need to remember that I'm not free on Saturday's otherwise when weekend plans come along I'll just forget and not tell them...
I also officially have a bank account (though admittedly it is empty at the moment). I've got an appointment to talk about getting a national insurance number... in mid September. Well, it's a first step.
I have always wondered why they make it so hard for them to tax you...

But yeah, such is life. I'm going now. I think I've covered main points really.
Glass paint is annoying to get off windows when it's too thin because it leaves remnants. Just thought you should know.

Oh yeah! I read Phillip Pullman's Dark Materials series. Was pretty good. The last one has some seriously twisted views about heaven, hell, death and God but it is fiction I suppose. I think my favourite would have to be 'The Subtle Knife'. Though you'd need to read 'Northern Lights' to properly understand it. Faves in order would be 2, 1, 3.

Well, I think that is actually it... may blog again once something else interesting happens. :)

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