Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yesterday and Today

I'll put a few general things first to give you the chance of deciding not to see the spoilers. :)
Went to town, got Kat's b-day prezzie (was her b-day yest).
Went and picnicked with Michelle, Anna and Zozo yest. Was good. Ate lots of strawberries. Talked about various stuff. Good fun :).
We were supposed to be going to see Shrek 3 straight after but it was sold out and Michelle (and Zozo?) couldn't make it to the later showing so me and Anna bought tickets for the later showing and the four of us we went to Debenhams and looked at clothes and stuff - Anna bought a blue skirt. Tried on fascinators/ridiculous hats and took photos, lol. Zozo looked stunning in most of them, she really suited them. Awesome.
Then Zozo went off to sit and chat with a friend of her husbands who we saw on our way to the cinema and Michelle went home and me and Anna went to Shrek 3. Was pretty good really, I'd seen clips of most of the best bits already but I still enjoyed it. Fave parts were the Snow White singing bit and Pinocchio's "I can't tell you where he's not..." etc speech to Prince Charming :P.

And now, onto Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
Since I was out all day I didn't have much of a chance to read it so when I got home I read until about 2 in the morning and finished it. Was v. good. I wasn't shocked by anything (apart from perhaps Moody's death) but I was mildly surprised; I think the reason for this was that I had already thought up most of the possible elements and so when it turned out to be one of them I was just like 'Oh' rather than 'What? HOW?!'. Guessed vaguely that Snape loved Lily. Always lent more towards Snape being good because it would make the book more interesting, kept an open mind to him actually being bad after all but was right in the first place. Was sad at Fred's death but by that time there had been quite a few so it didn't have as much of an effect on me. Sad at Lupin and Tonk's deaths - especially as they had only just married and had a baby. Thought Neville was brilliant - showed his braveness/the reason he's a Gryffindor. Was proved wrong about the Horcrux thing - I disagreed with one of my friends (I think it was Matt) who thought Harry was a Horcrux but I thought that of course Voldemort couldn't have accidently made him one, how can you accidently rip out a piece of your soul? Didn't consider of course that the avada kedavra curse hit Voldemort in the vicinity of Harry in the first place. Glad that Harry got to see the Snape Lily relationship before/beginning at Hogwarts. Hermione - Ron bits were fantastic. Loved the bit at the end with the 19 years later thing.

Yeah... Probably more but to say but I don't remember as I was extremely tired. Will have to reread bits of it in the next week or so to make sure I actually get it - I think I managed to half-sleepingly miss some bits, e.g. I didn't realise Lupin was dead til he came back to 'life' with the resurrection stone. Bit stupid that. Also didn't notice when Nagini died.
Had a terrible headache after reading so much so quickly. I think my brain had taken in enough for one day.
I shall go now. Might reread the Snape memories bit. Did like that.

Ooh yeah! And loved Kreacher :). He's a sweetie really (lol).

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