Sunday, July 29, 2007


Yesterday I did a day of voluntary work at the bookshop where my mummy works :). I learnt what the Saturday girl does - followed her around (her last day - she's getting married in 2 weeks - day before Carol). I'm going to be the new Saturday girl :D, shall be starting probs next week - Andy (manager) said he'll be in touch this week.

Main things to do are turn things on in the morning (hot water etc.), clean (vacuum in morn, dust shelves during the day), serve customers (wanting their orders or just buying things), answering the phone (eek!), tidying stock, till stuff at the end of the day and then turning everything off.

So I officially shall have a job :). Shall hopefully use this fact to get my NI number. Useful stuff. Should really go and get a bank account too...

Oh yes, and I was rather surprised at the end when Andy said I could have a free CD for working during the day :), I chose Tim Hughes - Holding Nothing Back. It's a good CD, plus it has a song featuring Brooke Fraser which I was a bit surprised about, quite a good song :D.
Also got given a book that has a whole bunch of excerpts (one chapter each) from different books. Would now quite like to read Divided Loyalties, not sure who the author is but it'll be upstairs in the book :).


And Carol's getting married in 2 weeks yesterday! I shall miss her lotsy when she moves out :(.
We're going to do some fun stuff on Tues/Wed since soon we won't have the time together to do stuff as much. Tues we're going to do a film and healthy stuff (fruit salad :D) night and then on Wed we're going to go see a film and go get food somewhere. Film is probs going to be HP and the Order of the Phoenix - I've seen it but I wouldn't mind seeing it again, it's also the only one Carol has a particular desire to see.


[[You know that I'll be there for you in the end]]

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