Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sims 2 Obsession

Well, this week has been one of those Sims 2 obsession weeks.
In one week I have played the Sims enough to:
  • Created a family
  • Family had another baby
  • Graduated 4 Uni students (2 daughters of the family and 2 neighbours)
  • Married off the 2 daughters
  • Each daughter had 1 daughter of their own
  • Taught the granddaughters toddler stuff.
  • Now one granddaughter is a child and the other is a child.
  • 3 parents have topped their careers after building the necessary skills
  • One of those is now going on to another career and another one will be soon - once their daughter has grown up a bit.

So there you go, lots of time spent on there. But it's not too bad seeing as once this burst of interest is gone I probably won't go on the Sims for a few months. I just have 1-2 week obsessions once in a while. Sometimes it's only about twice a year sort of frequency.

Oh dear, I'll probably get RSI. Not good.. *sigh*

I shall go now. Sleep is inevitable.

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