Friday, July 20, 2007

Reminded of NZ trip

Well, I tidied my desk today. Took quite a long time. Discovered I actually have an absolutely enormous amount of pens and pencils. Exciting.
Found a piece of paper that I wrote when in NZ the second time - things I wanted to remember from the trip or just random happenings. Had a couple of quotes on it which I have added to the NZ post on radioactive quotations. I shall also put them on here. So here is what I wrote down on the 31/01/07, the 01/02/07 and the 02/02/07. I've literally put down what I wrote in note form so anything in italics is my explanations or comments on the thing.

Rasta lights
Um, yeah. In the town square thingy which we drove past these lights that were like fountains but they were in red, green and yellow etc. Jamacian type colours, hence the 'Rasta lights'. I think it was either Alex or Mark who made this comment...

"You've got a moustache on your tummy" - Samantha (to Alex)
Well, nuff said really. Lol.

Climbing the framy thing - park
Whoo! Climbed a huge red climbing frame/pyramid thing. It was made of metal poles and rope. It was a bit scary. And I was wearing jandals (flip flops). But I managed it :D. Pity I didn't get a photo of it.

Sold houses ads (?) lol.
Ok, not really sure what this was about. Possibly something about mum and dad looking at house ads and telling me about them but they were sold anyway so I didn't know why they were interested in them? I think it was actually something more interesting otherwise I probs wouldn't have put 'lol'. Hmm... ah well. Memory loss. It's life.

Grapefruit juice -David
Yeah, David made me fresh grapefruit juice 'cause I said I hadn't had it before and stuff. V. nice. :)

Met Danielle ------ = from Czech (Czecholslovakia - before)
Yeah, family friend from Czech. Nice lady. Yes she does have a last name but I'm not putting it on here.

Saw Richard/Maurine.

Saw Ruth --------.
Friend of Grandma's who stayed at ours when she was in the UK. Lovely lady. We went and had dinner with her and her daughter and son-in-law. Not this night but a later one I think...

Talked to Proctors - Met David/Dominic/Amorette (sp?)
Yeah, don't know how to spell the last name. Note: I met David before he made me the grapefruit juice, lol. David is my cousin Vicki's husband, Dominic and Amorette are (very small and..) my cousin Kim's children.

Van - "Still there" - Mark
Pursuit of Happiness
Yeah, we went to see the Pursuit of Happiness, I think that's where the 'still there' comment was from - when we came out of the cinema. Don't remember too well...

Sing song in van, lol.
Lots of fun singing in the van. Was good. Me being a bit too self-conscious didn't sing that loudly, lol. Chloe refused to participate :P.

Contemplating up a tree.
Oh yeah! Me and Chloe went to the park near the house and were wandering around, she ended up climbing this huge tree but then didn't want to get down because it was really hard to do so, so she just sat there and said she was 'contemplating up a tree'. Fun fun :).

Funeral - Walkers, touched lines.
Not really sure what this means... I know the funeral was that day but not sure about the other things.

Night -->
Zig-zag driving
Yes, David's zig-zagging down the street (note - this was fairly safe as it was late, down a road with no other cars and it was in a suburban type area). Was amusing :).

Me and Mark: Win as mafia and civilians!
Yeah, mafia is an awesome game, I got to be the mafia several times and me and Mark won both as the mafia and as the last civilians in different rounds :P.

Kim jokes.
Not sure?

Singing in the van
Ditto to before

Books at the beginning:
Note: David picked books for us from the shelf - whichever he decided were appropriate, then we were told to read some of it and tell them what we thought or something about it - Time filler.
Me: Don't be sad. God cares. (- Venus flytrap)
Yes, I read out a section about a venus flytrap, lol.
Carol: The confident woman
Lol, this turned out to mainly be able submitting to your husband and stuff :P.
David: Betrayed
Mark: If I perish, I perish
Kim: The spirit filled woman
Ben: How to help a friend
Vicki: Love yourself
Alex: Now I am six
Brilliant :P.
Ryan: Don't feed the ponies
Chloe: A teenager is many people

Was a very fun night I must say.

Mischievous lurker :P - "I was wrong, it's not sadness, it's mischief, if there was a book called 'mischievous' I would have given it to you" - David
Mwahahahahaha. I mean.. I'm fine. Not mischievous at all... *innocent face*

Picking money out of the fountain! - Debs/Sammy
Yeah, I think they were made to put it back though, lol.

Went to subway. Spent lots of money. Yummy.

Caravan drumming.
Oh yeah! I'd forgotten about that... I was surprised when I was sitting reading in the caravan and then I heard a sound like heavy rain, when I looked down the end of the caravan I could see hand shadows where someone was drumming on the window. Looked outside and it was Mark and Vicki who'd just arrived. Lol, they did it to Clo too.

Swimming - whirlpool - diving for rings - synchopated swimming - Debs, Vicky, Alex + Mark.
We went swimming in the pool of the people whose house Kim and family had been staying in. Swam, made a weak whirlpool, dove for rings, Debs/Vicki/Alex/Mark did synchopated swimming which I recorded. Was good.

Alex leg out window - van/Climbed out the window.
Not sure why I wrote this down but yeah. Alex did infact stick his leg out the van window while we were driving along the road and later climbed out of the window and ran down the street, lol.

Sammy passed out window.
Alex passed Samantha out the window to someone - probs Mark or David?

Watching family videos.
Oh dear... me as a small child. But other people as small children as well! Lol.
Goody-goody gumdrop icecrea,
One of the best ice cream flavours in the world. Nuff said.

Grandma pouring into grave.
Grandma's ashes. Not putting the urn in with it.
- Environmentally friendly - Carol
Implication that that's the sort of thing grandma would do.
- "Nah, she'd like, take it home and use it for something" - Mark
Talking about what grandma would do with the urn.
- Put in: Rosemary, Glasses, Crossword, 2 roses, Quince + ... ?
Yes, a few things we put in with the ashes.

Note: We were not being disrespectful - we're celebrating her life and what she was like. We know she's now gone to a better place in heaven and so it's not quite as sad because she is somewhere which is amazing.

Sorted stuff:
Vicki/I dispute over necklace :(
Yeah, Vicki got it in the end - was a pearl necklace that was lovely and reminded me of grandma. I was terribly disappointed when I didn't get it because it was the only thing I really wanted while Vicki had other things which she really wanted. I have no hard feelings towards her because that would be silly, she's an amazing person and it's only a possession anyway.
Mark - Amazing orange peeler
I want one! Lol, I remember having these when I was little. He made a very cool spiral skin of an orange which he removed - ate the orange - but could still hold the peel like a whole orange. Awesome.
Me - Walking stick/Red earrings (Trademark grandma thing - red clip on earrings)/Mug (Which I gave her when I was little and she still had!)/Mirror/Heidi/Butterfly magnets/Magnifying glass.
Things I got that day.

NB: Sunburnt.
Yeah, had really bad tan lines and was rather burnt on my back. Luckily it wasn't that painful. However I do still have the tan lines. What can I say? Hole in the ozone layer.

So yeah. Here is stuff.

On a different note. People will not have had the last Harry Potter book for an hour. That's a long while. Fast readers could finish it soon - or at least in an hour or so. Dad said he'll go out and buy it in the morning. I really want to read it before my friends tell me what happens - I don't mind not reading it today but I don't want to be told about it beforehand. I'm going into town later today so I'll probably [over]hear about it anyway. Oh dear.
Picnic and Shrek 3 today.
Better go get some sleep.

Oh yeah, me and Carol had an adventure today - one supermarket, then tried getting to the other one (to get raspberries for tomorrow - well it's today now), ended up getting lost, went home, dropped off frozen food, went to the other supermarket - got raspberries, went on our way home, took wrong turning, ended up at the first supermarket again (turning around), finally made it home at about half 11. Fun fun. Talked a lot. Was good.

Ooh! Just did an iron on thing which says 'Wicked' in a cool font, on a £2 purple tank top I got from Tesco. Cool beans.
Must go now. All the love. x

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