Thursday, July 19, 2007

Imogen Heap

Dan has now introduced me to a fantastic singer called Imogen Heap, found that I actually already know a couple of her songs. V. cool. Also loving Michael Bublé - don't know if I mentioned before. Fave song of Michael Bublé has got to be 'Everything'.

Heh, Dan and me, 'our' songs. Tis goodly. There are now about 3 songs which are 'ours' I believe.
1. Sway (back to our dancemat days :P)
2. Catch You - Sophie Ellis Bextor
3. Headlock - Imogen Heap

Mmm, music :)

Now some more music on player :D.

On other notes, watched Titanic today. V. good film. Made me cry. Hadn't seen it for aaaaages. Had to fiddle with the TV to make it work (this consisted of me pulling wires out and shoving them in other ports to see what happened - but it did work! Clever Hazel :D).

College is now officially over.
My sister is getting married soon.
I need a job.
I really need to tidy my room.
I also need to tidy/bag/remove things on my desk so that mum and dad can put their new cabinet thingy (arriving in our shipment from NZ on Mon) there.


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