Sunday, May 20, 2007

Quick general note

Yeah, life is ok atm. Done 3 exams - CPT3 (Comp), General Studies 1, History Unit 3. Got lots to go. Mon = C2 (Maths), and General Studies 2; Tues = CPT2 and Psychology x 2.
Then haven't got anymore til the 6th of June. So I'll have a week break which will be very welcome. Aim for today was to frantically do some Psych revision - Trying to learn the whole first module before Tues as I don't really remember it...
I learnt about half of the first half of the module. So I'll certainly be cramming tomorrow and as much of Mon as pos.

Looked at a couple of really cool books recently. Read 'The Time-Traveller's Wife' which is an excellent book. Got a couple of quotes from it which will be put up eventually. Also looked at one on visualising ideas which was cool - stuff on drawing, storyboarding and having ideas and stuff. Also a book on Tim Hildebrandt - love his artwork, truly excellent - he's also done some LOTR work so that was rather cool to see.

Did choc fountain the other day, that was good. Was mum's b-day on Thurs so went out for that which was cool.
Hopefully going to the cinema on Thurs to see POTC3 but since it's the first day we may not get tickets. Not really that bothered - I was just invited last week so was like 'yeah, cool, whatever :)'. Social activity is always good. Means I don't just sleep all the time :P.

Anyway. Sleep. Good. Bye.

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