Sunday, May 20, 2007

Oh dear, little Hazel.

Watched some old videos I found today. One which has this Capital E thing - special effects. I was 6 at the time. Unfortunately I was wearing blue on that day so I'm invisible in some of them... They're quite cool though. But I remember how upset I was because people were laughing at me and I didn't know why (I didn't realise you could see the result on a screen). But yeah, they're extremely entertaining, if a little repetitive.
Also watched an old video with things like my dedication, me and Carol growing up - doing normal things, lots of piano things- Carol actually playing, me just banging it and going 'Clap!', lol. I realised that yes, I really have had bright red cheeks for most of my life, it actually seems to have faded a bit over time, lol, but it's ok 'cause I looked so sweet! Don't know what happened :P. It's quite cool seeing the videos. Also I've now discovered a fair amount of things I can put in a video for Carol's 21st :P. Not sure if I will really do it but we'll see, lol.

So yes, things going pretty well. Learnt quite a bit of Psych. Still got quite a bit to go. Got general studies and Maths C2 tomorrow. Not looking forward to it.

Going now. X

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Jingle Bella said...

Oh no, not embarassing videos ... *sigh* you and Chris are going to terrorise me, aren't you? *grins*