Thursday, May 24, 2007


I just watched the first proper discworld film - Hogfather. It's fantastic! I think that the casting was basically perfect. When I heard and saw Teatime I have to say that it did remind me of Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate factory and when I watched the extras I found that he did use that as quite substantial inspiration I was like 'I thought so!'. Also, I thought that Michelle Dockery was perfect for the part of Susan. Her voice in some parts reminds me of Liv Tyler, her acting is fantastic and really personifies Susan; also all the way through I kept thinking that she reminds me of someone in real life but I didn't pinpoint it til I watched the extras - she reminds me of my most recent art teacher, more in 'real life' than as Susan though. Hex is great, loving the font. David Jason made an excellent and very comedic Albert. I absolutely loved the voice of Death, again, perfect - also the movement was great so congrats to the tall, dutch actor as well (his name has slipped my mind for the minute). The wizards were fairly entertaining, very good. The only things I didn't like was the auditors and Nobby Nobbs - I thought the look of the auditors was great but I didn't like the voices - they had too high a pitch I think, they were double toned but I think the voices should have been lower and slightly more ghostly; Nobby Nobbs was too big, not quite scrawny enough and could be seen to obviously, I always imagined him as slightly more unidentifiable I suppose, though the actor did a good job in the part I must say. But all in all I think that it was amazing, congratulations to everyone who was involved - director, architecture/art people, other behind the scenes people, actors etc. Loved the special effects.
Watch it.

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