Friday, May 25, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean! - spoiler warning

Was totally awesome last night. Rather amusing and just great in general. The ending was a bit sad-happy since Elizabeth and Will only get to spend one day together every 10 years (since he took the place of Davy Jones) but I suppose it was better than him dying. Yun-Fat Chow was quite good in it - played Captain Sao Feng. Loved the fact that Elizabeth became the captain of her own ship and in the end the pirate king (extra vote by Jack - when you see it it's fairly predictable that it will happen). Loved the outfit she got to wear/ the whole overall oriental/asian look after being taken by Sao Feng (who made her captain just before he died - hence the captain-ness). Sad that Captain Norrington died, I rather liked him. Was very amused by the fact that everyone made alliances with everyone and broke these alliances with everyone. The song at the beginning was a bit weird but a good song (random pirates uniting in song for some reason - they were all about to be/were being hung - started by a little boy pirate. Loved the way Elizabeth and Will were married (by Barbossa - in the midst of fighting). Overall it did make up for my disappointment in the last one (though I did like a lot of the last one - especially the Captain Jack moments). So yeah, just excellent. Watch it. <3

Oh yes. And at the end after the credits it showed '10 years later', Elizabeth and her son standing on the island (I'm not quite sure why she decided to live on a lonely island when she has to wait 10 years every time - plus the pregnancy must have been hell with no help - I suppose she could have sailed off to live a normal life the rest of the time) and watching him sail away. The little boy was really sweet (well, he would be able 9 - though Emma said 10 I think she forgot about the whole 9 months thing - she also commented 'he must be really fertile' lol, only one day but managed to get her pregnant. Well, it is possible. But either way - "that's the movies, baby")

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