Sunday, May 20, 2007

Simon Walters Article - unbelievable!

Seriously. He wrote this article about how JK Rowling says she doesn't believe in this body-consiousness of the world but then writes slim and good, fat and bad characters. Thankfully someone from Mugglenet - Andy - wrote a fantastic article which clearly shows what Simon Walters appears to have missed. So there you go, if you're a fan, or feel like reading stuff about body-conciousness and positive role models, then go ahead and read it - also there's links to Simon Walter's article (scanned in 2 sections + a side section) and to an author comment thing that he wrote later in response to comments. It's excellent, extremely well justified and I agree with his ending paragraph:
"Simon Walters, you should be ashamed of yourself for crassly trying to drum up cheap publicity using such an important issue as your vehicle."
He may be a very nice man but he really shouldn't try to write about something he doesn't know enough about.

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