Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mm... tasty

Peanut butter balls are nice. Just finished making them. All is goodly.
Made fruit crumble yesterday, tidied my room and did a little maths work.
So you see, some use is coming from my lack of social life these hols :P.
Still got loads of work to do, nyer. But oh well, that's life.

Read 2 awesome books recently (i.e. yest night/today); the first was 'Little Girl Lost', which is basically an autobiography type story of a little German girl (the writer) named Bärbel and her older sister Eva and their journey from Tabarz to Hamburg to find their mother again - at the end of/after the second world war. They met a lot of kind (and some not so kind) people and it is amazing that little Bärbel was able to survive that journey on foot (she was only 7 years old while Eva was 19). It's really touching and also shows the lives of some of the slightly luckier Germans at that time. I read this from about midnight til 3 yesterday night and finished it off this morning. Very good.
The next was the one I read today, this was 'The Wedding' by Nicholas Sparks, it's the sequel to 'The Notebook' and is about one of their children and her family, from her husband's point of view, it's really excellent, it's mainly about how the couple's relationship (their kids have all grown up now) and about how the husband realises that he hasn't been very expressive of his feelings and how he'd been brought up in a less 'love-showing' family than her and therefore he found it more difficult to show her love. He goes to Noah for help at times (Allie has passed away by now - Noah and Allie being the couple from 'The Notebook') and it's just really really lovely... And it also sort of makes you think a bit, about what is important to you and how you show people that you really do care about them.

Note to any guys (not that any guys actually would read this but hey): Important moral from 'The Wedding' - Do not forget anniversaries, strangely enough, girls actually care about them.


Jingle Bella said...

Hello weirdo!

You've done lots more work now - see, it is useful being related to me! Even though you didn't want to do it at the time.


And the peanut butter balls were good too :) I might go and start reading The Wedding now.


Hazelnut said...

weirdo! take that back! lol.
Yes, but I reeeeeeeally didn't want to do work :P.
Mmm.. peanut butter balls.