Wednesday, April 11, 2007

As a reference...

...back to my blogs on Computing. I did get the work done but I didn't finish it completely, still got to do testing and stuff but I can do that when I get back to college.
Also need to do revision on top of all the other homework that I... haven't done.
Well, that's life.

On a happier note, I watched Sense and Sensibility with Carol yesterday (while drinking milk and eating coooooookies) and it was rather good, if a little predictable (though Carol pointed out that this would be because we know how Jane Austen writes and things often turn out to be a bit different to what they seem). Though the title does give it away a bit - Marianne learns to use her sense and Elinor learns to trust her sensibilities more. Yeah, so it was quite good.
I seem to have right now developed a keen interest in the watching of Jane Austen films. I've now seen most of Persuasion (missed a bit of the beginning - on TV), Northanger Abbey (on Youtube), Most of Emma (on TV), Sense and Sensibility (borrowed from Auntie Sarah), Pride and Prejudice (owned by me - but I haven't seen the older version) and... I think that's it, I still have to see a few but they're very good :).

Well, I must go now and do useful things...

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