Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mmm... libraries

I was going to post this yesterday but then didn't because I couldn't be bothered...
Yeah. Anyway, yesterday I was reminded of something that Dan said to me last monday. I said how the library (the one in town) would be open the next day (it had been closed for a while - for developmenty stuff) and he said "Some people know all the tour dates of a band, you know what times the library is open". And it is rather true. But yesterday I realised it's a useful thing to know when libraries are open.
I know when the library in town is open (9.30am-5pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday; 9.30am-8pm Tuesday, Thursday;9.30?am-4 Saturday; Closed Sunday) and I know the college library opens at 8.30am.
Also, the library near college has a weird thing about the times - it doesn't open on wednesdays.
So yesterday was a wednesday, and I of course knew it wouldn't be open, but I went to sit on the bench outside because it's all nice and quite and sunny and I could eat my lunch. I counted about 4 people who came, stood at the doors, looked confused, eventually found the times and saw it was closed on wednesdays (except one who just left) and left. So knowing library times is useful.

Now that this 'boring interlude' is over, I'll babble about my day.

Today wasn't bad, end of college for a couple of weeks and all that. Yay! Sleep will be useful. Though I've got so much homework that I'm not sure I'll get any sleep let alone other revision...
Other events of the day, bought divine chocolate... mmm..., missed my train and arrived half an hour late for Psychology, didn't have choir (not that they bothered to tell us this), got a bleeding nose in Computing.
So yeah, the moral of the story is... eat chocolate and your day ain't that bad :).

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