Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ech... zzZZ

Very tired.
Damn all this computing work. Still got loads to do. Fortunately I don't have the program I need and can therefore use that to explain my lack of work. To be fair I have been rushing around doing loads of work today and also just finishing now at doing some of the stuff.
Huge deadline tomorrow.
Have done quite a lot but not finished in the least.

Can't wait til Friday.
Sleep in. Do what I like. Go to youth group. Think about doing work. Leave it til Monday.
It'll be nice.

So yeah, I've got to do this work but not tonight. Tonight is for sleeping. Otherwise I'll die tomorrow when I have a full day and only one hour off all day. Need to remember to bring lunch today, otherwise I'll be a bit nyer. Well, I'll be a bit nyer anyway but that will be grumpiness.

Another annoying thing today was the fact that myspace wouldn't accept my html and therefore I decided that I'd just leave my profile as it is - using loads of code I don't understand rather than a smaller amount of code that I do understand. How useful.


Also, grr at holepunches and whoever decided that computing work should be put together by a treasury tag through a hole-punched-hole in the top left hand corner of the page. My fricking computing work doesn't fit in a blimming hole punch! Therefore I will end up with a variety of lopsided pages tagged together.
(The quote 'Murder me Harry' comes to mind - though of course my dilemma is indeed not one of fashion)

I'm leaving now. Rant is not over, it's only beginning, but I'll live. I'll live better if I can get some sleep.

Proud of myself for finding alternatives to swear words :) except damn. But I did use 'grr at' instead of it once; and I do say damn sometimes *looks guilty*. Well that's life.


ski said...

growling is good. x

Hazelnut said...

lol, indeed.