Thursday, April 19, 2007


Parents are being all buggage because I was trying to convince Dad not to try and teach me about GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) and Command-line Interfaces. Yes I need to know them, but if Dad tries to teach me then I'll be more confused. Carol also got pissed off and left because we were 'debating' loudly. I think she's probably PMSing/annoyed about something else because that's generally when she reacts like this about other stuff. Normally she's quite okay about stuff, but I suppose she often gets annoyed with me and Dad arguing/shouting at each other. I think the arguing is probably mainly because me and Dad are almost always tired and when I'm really stuck I try to get Dad to help me with Computing but then I find it frustrating because I can't properly understand what he's trying to get across as it seems to me that it's always in a roundabout sort of way. I suppose we just clash, I love him but I sometimes don't like him.
The annoying thing is it means I don't really have anyone to help me as my teachers aren't exactly that great at teaching me - I might just not get their teaching style - and when I ask questions sometimes I don't quite get the answers I was aiming at, I get something slightly on a tangent. Ech. And exams are coming up soon, yipee...
I totally love music. I've just been listening to it for a little bit and it's totally made me feel better (And it doesn't make me put on weight like chocolate :P - Yay, an alternative to my usual 'comfort food' thing, good good... Let's see how long this lasts...)

Total fave for today is: Fall to Pieces by Avril Lavigne

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