Saturday, April 21, 2007

'Convince Me'

(Unless you're Dan or Kat you won't understand the title)
Most spontaneous thing I've ever done was done yesterday. I was meeting up with Kat, Dan, Tash, Clarky and Nat but Clarky, Nat and Tash couldn't come in the end so it was just me, Kat and Dan, and we couldn't really think of what to do. After about an hours discussion and going back and forth from places we decided (at 7pm) to get travelcards and go to London... I didn't really think very much at this point or I would have thought 'I should ring my parents' or 'My parents would say no', because my mum didn't even want me going an hour away with several friends let alone London with two friends... But yeah, since I didn't think, we went into London, wandered round, stayed to well lit populated places, generally with police or security guards around (see I am responsible!) and yeah. We had a look round a few areas (including one with a bridge - between Waterloo and Embankment - nice bridge :P). Lol, just remembered that when we went back to the train station (and debated where to go next) we saw a whole bunch of guys (about 5 or 6) dressed up in women's clothes (/I think one was wearing a dressing robe?), wearing high heels, and one of them randomly only wearing women's underwear, so that was strange but quite funny - Dan was like 'Lets make friends!'; but of course we didn't really - we went off again down to other end of the station, and on the way Dan wanted a 'bagel' (cute gay looking guy at the bagel shop).The best bit was when we were down by the London Eye and they had these beautiful blue lights in the trees and there was a little playground next to it, so we went on there and messed about before walking round by the river and stuff. Then we went back to the train station and it was only on the way back when I started to get worried or whatever. But talked to my parents and they're not happy but they seem to be coping with it better than I thought they would (seeing as sometimes they seem to think I'm about 7 years old and not responsible at all...). So that's good.
But yeah... it was uber fun :) (I just feel a bit guilty)... Lol, I think that I was born with the majority of Dan's conscience and he just doesn't really have one. Not that his parents would/did mind as he seems to spontaneously leave the city regularly...
So yeah, if you see three people singing (Steps, Avril, anything we thought of...) and possibly running around like maniacs, hugging trees and climbing on playgrounds then you know who it is...

x ILoveKat&Dan x

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