Saturday, March 03, 2007


Been pretty good so far. Me and Carol went to pick up Hotel Chocolat Chocolates that we ordered (The best kind of chocolate! - Hotel Chocolat).
Got some homework done, though I've still got a fair amount to do.
Yesterday downloaded Zwinky, v. fun. Though it really frustrated me trying to get rid of that web search thing. Later realised I had to make it it's own toolbar so I could hide it. All is goodly now.
Finished college early yest because Jess is ill so I didn't have my ILP at 2.55 therefore could go home earlier - ended up leaving sometime around 1.30 and got the 1.53 train. Realised I'd lost my bus card - which was good in the way that I had to walk home but bad in the way that now I have to find it because I can't get another one as I've turned 16 now... Well, I will get the 16-17 one when this child one runs out.
Yeah, so updated some bloggy - this one and my quotey one :).
Will probs e-mail Vicki sometime soon as I haven't really kept in touch with any of my cousins before but shall try to now. It sort of really hit me at grandma's funeral because one of the people came up and said stuff about how family should always stay close and stuff. And I really do want to, I felt really bad as well because I didn't e-mail grandma after she asked me to keep in touch last December because I forgot completely with my exams and stuff. And of course me and Chloe hadn't talked for ages until we went to NZ despite the fact that she lives about 5-10 mins drive from my house, lol. Yeah.
So must go do both constructive and non-constructive stuffs.

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