Thursday, March 08, 2007

Topic of the day: EXAM RESULTS

Today I was a bit nyer because I knew I get my results for my first modules of my exams but to be honest I wasn't really bothered either way until after I got to college (didn't have to go in til 12! Lie in day, only .
When I got to college we found out our Psychology marks (we technically would get our marks at 2.00pm from our tutors but our teachers knew the marks already so we could get them in class) and we went in one at a time, I got 62 UMS marks which is a C (a rather low C - grade boundary=60) so I was a bit disappointed but sort of tried to be vaguely positive. I thought that exam had gone fairly well so I got a bit worried about the other ones. The best mark in our group was a B and there were a fair amount of low passes - D/E and a couple of Us.
Then me and Rai went to choir to practise Les Mis stuff. Then off to the library because choir was funnily timed today and we still had half and hour to burn, talked to Faye and Jeremy (mainly about exam results). Then me, Faye and Rai went off to the sports hall and lots of stuff followed - lots of going "Where the heck is my darn form tutor!" and the like. Also lots of hassling etc as there were an awful lot of people in there!
Finally found my tutor and after waiting in a long queue of students I got my results, took them and rushed off to my maths lesson but on the way looked at my results:
Maths: 93
Computing: 82
Psychology: 62
History: 106
I already knew it wouldn't show my grades so I was a bit like "So what did I get then!" because the grade boundaries were different for every subject. I knew Psych was a C already and I knew History was an A! *big grin* because I'd been talking to other people in History who knew the boundaries (96+ = A). But I wasn't sure about Maths and Computing - so I went to Maths and found out that I beat some really clever people! so I was rather happy - I found out that 80+ was an A so that was awesome. And after Maths I went off to Computing where I found out that you had to do that whole 'calculate the percentage' thing so it was 82/105*100 and the grade boundaries were 80 (A), 70, 60 etc. So I got a B, less than 2% off an A!

So yeah, just thought I'd share that with the you.
We got Sims Seasons yesterday so that's awesome :).
Mmm... gardening.
"Her earthy works are done"
(Some will understand)


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