Saturday, March 03, 2007

I conclude, NZ is better.

Just thought I'd post something here since it's been a long time.
I think I'll list some things that NZ has that England doesn't, mainly foodstuffs.
It's something to do anyway.

Certain Sweeties

  • Huge range of Cadbury's chocolate
  • Macintoshes (toffee sweets)
  • Those green and white minty sort of things... don't know the name
  • Minties
  • Fruit Bursts (Yummy!)
  • Those funny hard fruit sweeties actually shaped like fruit but taste sort of like flavoured sugar/sherbety.
  • Jaffas/Ojays (Though they're not my faves they are Carol's)
  • Pineapple Lumps! (Some of my faves - but you can't have too many or your tongue goes sort of numb... a bit like those citrusy polos)

Some lovely crisps/chips (Chips if you're a kiwi, Crisps is you're a pome)

  • Burger Rings
  • Cheesels
  • Grain Waves
  • Rashuns
  • Just bluebird crisps in general...

Delish ICE CREAM! (Why does NZ have my 2 favourite flavours?)

  • Hokey Pokey
  • Probably others?

Lemon and Paeroa, mmmm.....

Shoes that fit me! I can find loads of shoes in NZ that fit me but over here they suck. I bought 2 pairs of trainers, one pair of pumps and one pair of jandals whilst over there. And they all actually fit me! :D

Really cool jumpers. I bought one bright blue one with white hearts and one three quarter length sleeve one that's green with black patternedy bits. I've been complemented on both and I feel really colourful and stuff with them on :).

Brooke Fraser - lol.

NATURAL BEAUTY EVERYWHERE. It's so lovely over there and even just walking down a normal road it's so amazing. I've really missed that aspect of being over there.

Some of my cousins who are awesome :) (And Vicki and Kims' husbands who are basically my cousins anyway). (All of the ones over there are awesome of course - I just mean that some of my cousins are over here)

Other friends :)

Yeah. I should really move back. Except if I do my friends here said they'll kindly kill me, lol. With friends like these who needs enemies? Dan said he'd stalk me to New Zealand if I left. Fahima said she'd just cry (her parents wouldn't let her leave the country to kill me, lol). David tried to convince me to move to Auckland ("Auckland has everything! You want a beach, come to Auckland, you want shopping, come to Auckland, ..." etc. :P) Don't know if I really would - depends on where I'd want to go to Uni etc.
Some very good reasons to go to NZ are in the list above... hmm... but then having loooovely junk food is a reason not to move back as well, because comfort food over here has less variety so I'd eat way more junk food over there which would not be good at all for my health. Ah, decisions, decisions...

So yeah. NZ rules. :P

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