Friday, March 16, 2007

Red Nose Day!

It is indeed Red Nose Day. And I am wearing a red top. Rather pretty it is too. I also brought my Walk'ears (though I obviously won't wear them) and my bobbly red headband (two sparkly red pompoms on springs off a red headband). Will wear that in Psychology as right now doesn't seem a good idea (in my computing class...)
Not as many people as I though wore red today. Chels is very red and black today. She's even got red eyeliner which I'm not sure I approve of really... looks a bit strange :P But I love her anyway. A lot of people forgot it was red nose day (e.g. Dan, Furzer) and Fahima didn't have anything red to wear and so opted for blue instead - though she did bring her red nose from last year (the really plastic ones with elasticy hair and funny faces).
Sat in the library with Jodie, Fahima, George and Becky earlier (Hist was cancelled - Natalie's still ill) and did Jodie's sculpture questionnaire for Art and talked about MA/Red Nose Day/ other random stuff. According to Jodie (and Fahima who was forced to have an opinion) this year's red noses smell disgusting -they're the funny spongy ones which should technically be more comfortable.
I haven't seen any of the teachers wearing wigs today but apparently there are 2 or 3 of them who are being sponsered to do so.
So yeah, break will be over soon so I'd better stop typing. People coming back.


ski said...

gah i liked my red eyeliner.
i saw the teachers with the hair in budgens.

Hazelnut said...

Lol, I would have liked to see one of the teachers, could be rather amusing. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you outed me for forgetting red nose day :P lol love you anyway - Dan xxx

Hazelnut said...

lol, I love you really! But you did forget :P.