Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Home early!

My History teacher's been ill for the last couple of days and was ill again today so the double lesson was cancelled and I got home an hour early. Yay, lots of 'free' time. GOTTA DO THAT ALCOHOL LEAFLET, must remember... Also now have only maths homework left, though there are 2 pieces and I'm a bit stuck but hey.
Yesterday I spent a lot of time working but less time in class than out of it - I had one lesson at 8.45-9.45 then one at 12.00-1.00 then one at 3.15-4.15 and all the 2 hour blocks in between I just sat in the library mainly doing work.
Almost missed my Psych lesson today as I was in the library day-dreaming and doodling, thank goodness I can see my Psych room from where I was sitting - looked out and everyone was standing outside so packed up quick and managed to get there just on time :).
It's all goodly.
Hopefully will see my Tannya on Friday as I haven't seen her in aaages, like not since before October methinks... hadn't really thought about it that way, that actually is a really long time. Well yeah. So now I'm going to go and... possibly do something useful.
Oooh, and I drew an Audrey Hepburn pic in about half an hour (inspiration thanks to Becky/Picture (in book) thanks to Becky), gave it to Becky, lol. It wasn't too bad either for half an hour.

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